TP-Link Unveils Tapo App 3.0, Enabling Seamless Integration with Kasa Devices

    SHENZHEN, China  — Jan 9, 2024 - Tapo, a TP-Link® brand and global provider of smart home products, today announced the release of the Tapo App 3.0. This significant update boasts seamless compatibility with Kasa Smart devices, marking a groundbreaking convergence of two industry-leading brands under one unified app.


    Expanding The Smart Home Ecosystem

    The Tapo App 3.0 provides an all-new smart home experience by expanding its product compatibility to Kasa Smart devices. This integration allows users to explore an extensive range of smart home products and categories from TP-Link, providing a more comprehensive and cohesive smart home ecosystem within our brands. Despite this integration, Kasa Smart and Tapo remain distinct and independent brands. Once Kasa Smart devices are moved to the Tapo App, users can continue to manage devices in both the Tapo App the Kasa app normally.


    Completely Revamped UI and App Responsiveness

    The Tapo App is enhanced through our comprehensive optimization efforts, which include a complete design overhaul of the user interface (UI) and a significant improvement in the responsiveness of the application. With the revamped UI, users will find a more intuitive and visually appealing interface, making app navigation and interaction seamless. Additionally, we have optimized the app’s responsiveness, guaranteeing quicker and more efficient performance to provide an enjoyable and enhanced user experience.


    Simplify The User Experience and Elevate Smart Home Automation

    Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple apps to control Kasa Smart and Tapo smart home devices. With the Tapo App 3.0, users can effortlessly manage both Kasa Smart and Tapo devices from a single interface, enhancing convenience by streamlining the user experience. Take your smart home automation to the next level and enjoy the benefits of controlling a wider array of smart products, all from one centralized location.


    Sync Your Smart Routine Effortlessly

    Enjoy a smooth transition to the Tapo App 3.0 without the need to reconfigure smart routines. All Kasa Smart setups including devices, groups, smart actions, scenes, timers, away mode and schedules, will automatically be synchronized to the Tapo App 3.0.



    The Tapo App 3.0 with Kasa Smart integration is now available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


    About Tapo    

    Tapo, a TP-Link Smart Home brand with over 16 million users globally, provides reliable smart home devices and accessories to customers worldwide. The company was founded to help people adopt a new smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost, utilizing its industry expertise and dependable production processes to offer products with outstanding functionality and performance.

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