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Warranty & RMA Policy

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for purchasing TP-Link products. In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following Warranty Policy carefully.

These warranty and RMA conditions only apply to first-time buyers. A first-time buyer is the person who bought the product for private or business use, and not for the purpose of reselling or otherwise providing it to third parties. The applicable warranty begins on the date of purchase and is valid if the first purchaser owns the device and can provide proof of purchase by presenting the original sales receipt showing the original purchase date.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Professional Line Products

TP-Link is committed to producing high-Performance products meeting the high-quality requirements for business-class networks. To proof that TP-Link products are reliable, TP-Link Deutschland GmbH offers the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty on Professional Line Products purchased on or after March 1, 2013. All Professional Line products purchased before this date retain their original warranty.

a. Products covered

All TP-Link Professional Line products come with limited lifetime warranty, including all SMB Routers, Switches, Gbics/SFP-Module and Media Converters. Fans and internal power supplies are not covered under limited lifetime warranty. They will continue with their existing warranties of 5 years.

Limited lifetime warranty applies to:
Business WLAN AP-Controller
Business Switch L2-& L3 Managed Switch
Smart Switch
Easy-Smart Switch
Unmanaged Switch
Business Router VPN-Router
Power Supplies Power Supplies


b. Warranty Period

Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all products of the Professional Line that were purchased in Greece on or after March 1, 2013. All Professional Line products purchased before this date retain their original warranty.

3-Year Warranty on SOHO Products

TP-Link Deutschland GmbH provides 3-Year Warranty on SOHO class products. The Warranty covers the main device, antenna and external power supplies.

3-Year Warranty on SOHO Products:
WLAN SOHO Product WLAN-Router
Home wireless solution
Access point
WLAN- network adapter
3G/4G-Products 3G/4G-Router
Mobile LTE-WLAN-Router
Powerline-Products Powerline-Adapter
SOHO-Switches Unmanaged Desktop-Switches with plastic case (including LiteWave LS105G and LS108G)
DSL-Router WLAN-DSL-Router


2 year warranty on accessories and power banks

TP-Link grants a 2-year warranty on the following product groups from the date of purchase. The guarantee relates to the actual product, the antennas and external power supplies.

2 year warranty on accessories and power banks:
Smart Home Smart plugs, smart cameras, cloud cameras, smart light bulbs
SOHO accessories Power banks, print servers, Bluetooth music receivers, Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth adapters
USB hubs, USB to LAN converter, USB charging station, USB car charger and USB cable
B2B Accessories POE injector and splitter, WDM Fast Ethernet media converter Gigabit and Fast Ethernet media converter
SFP + and SFP modules, SFP + LC transceivers, SFP + cables, GBIC modules, rackmount housing accessories
POE adapter kit and power supply
Antennas & cables WiFi antennas and cables
Outdoor WLAN Outdoor-CPE, WLAN-Outdoor-Base station, EAP-Outdoor, CAP-Outdoor and 11N-Outdoor


Warranty & replacement conditions

TP-Link Deutschland GmbH warrants that products under normal use are free from defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period. The end user can claim warranty if the product was bought in Greece region, if he is the original buyer and can provide original proof of purchase. Replacement products can be refurbished products or can include refurbished parts. Per TP-Link warranty, a product that fails will be replaced with the same model. In case a product fails after it has been discontinued, TP-Link Deutschland GmbH reserves the right to replace it with another model that has materially the same, or better, characteristics and qualities or to refund the original price.

Conditions that Disqualify Product from Warranty

  • Damage to the product caused by misuse, improper installation or maintenance by third parties or interventions by someone other than TP-Link, including somebody authorized by TP-Link.
  • Damage caused by installation, use, or maintenance that does not follow the instructions in the product manual.
  • In the event of damage due to transport or improper storage (e.g. at too high or too low temperatures)
  • Damage caused by defective software or viruses.
  • Damage caused by any natural disaster such as fire, flood, thunder strikes, earthquakes, etc or other causes for which TP-Link is not responsible.
  • Damage to other devices that have been used with the product but are not part of the product.
  • If the serial number of the affected product has been removed or made unrecognizable.
  • In the event of damage, the customer relies solely on statements by third parties, for example in advertising brochures or during a sales talk, which do not correspond with statements by TP-Link.

Replacement procedure

Through the purchase store

If you are experiencing product defects within the warranty period, please contact the online/retail store where you originally purchased the product from to ensure expedient replacement.

TP-Link does not provide international warranty service. Your TP-Link product is only covered by the warranty policy of the country where the product was originally purchased. If you need to ship your product back to the country where you originally purchased the product for warranty services, you will need to pay for both ways of the shipping fees.

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