How to create a TP-Link Cloud Account on Kasa app

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If you want to control the smart device remotely, you have to register a cloud account.

Open Kasa App on your smart phone.

If you have a cloud account already, click on “Log In” to enter your account settings.

If you do not have a cloud account, refer to the following steps.

1.Click on Create Account.

2. Input your E-mail address and password, select your location, then tap “Create Account”.

Note: Password can be a combination of letters, numbers or valid symbols on mobile phone between 6-30 characters.

3. Read “Kasa Terms of Use”, and tap “Create Account”.

4. You’ll receive an activation e-mail, now please click “Click to Finish Registration” in yellow background. After it is activated successfully, Kasa APP will be automatically logged in with your account.

Note: If you fail to activate or receive activation e-mail, please click “RESEND EMAIL”.

Please go to your spam or junk box to check if the new email was delivered here by accident.

If you still cannot receive activation e-mail, please contact our support via email and send us your register email and the time you create the account.

5. After logged in, you can see your cloud account in “View Account” page.

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