Manually create the unified format for OpenVPN profile(CyberGhost OpenVPN Server).

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VPN Client feature supports OpenVPN Client, but it will only allow you to update one configuration file. In most cases, the OpenVPN Server will combine all required information into one configuration file. However, some OpenVPN servers will provide several separate files for the users.

If you will get the .ovpn(the OpenVPN profile), ca.crt, client.crt and client.key from your VPN Server, you can manually create the unified format for OpenVPN profile.

1.Open the .ovpn file with Word or Notepad++. You will see: ca ca.crt, cert client.crt and key client.key.

2.Change these lines to the XML-like syntax. For example, change ca ca.crt to <ca> </ca>.

3. Open the ca.crt. You will see the certificate.

4.Copy the information in the ca.crt to .ovpn file.

5. Copy the information in the client.crt and client.key to the .ovpn. Save these changes and update the .ovpn file.


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