How to set up a Guest Network for Deco

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A guest network allows visitors in your home to use the internet without needing to connect to your private network. Wireless devices connected to a guest network have no access to resources shared on the main network so the security and privacy of the main network are guaranteed.


1. When Deco works in the Router mode, the guest network and main network are isolated.

2. When Deco works in the AP mode, on the Deco app>More>Wi-Fi page, there is an "Isolated From Main Network" switch once the guest network is enabled and the switch is used to enable or disable the network isolation feature on the deco.

3. Features available in Deco may vary by model and software version. All steps and images described here are only examples and may not reflect your actual Deco experience.

1.Open the app and go to MORE > Wi-Fi.

2.Enable Guest Network. The default security type of the guest network is None, if you want to secure the Guest network, please select the security type first.

You can also enable or disable the 2.4GHz/5GHz guest Wi-Fi if needed.

3.Tap SHARE to share your guest network with others.

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