QA about PLC backhaul feature of the Deco P7

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Updated 08-30-2019 09:13:18 AM
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Deco P7 (AC1300+AV600) is a Whole Home Hybrid Mesh Wi-Fi System. Its power adapter has the PLC chipset, which provides the feature called PLC Backhaul.


How to enable the PLC backhaul feature?

PLC Backhaul doesn't have any hardware or software switch to turn on. After two or more Deco P7 are configured successfully via the Deco app, the PLC backhaul will take effect if these Deco P7 units are under the same power grid.


Could Deco P7 work with other powerline adapters?

Deco P7 cannot work with other powerline adapters. The PLC backhaul feature is only working among Deco powerline products within the same Deco network.


Can PLC Backhaul, Ethernet Backhaul and Wi-Fi Backhaul work at the same time?

PLC Backhaul and Wi-Fi Backhaul can work at the same time, while PLC Backhaul and Ethernet Backhaul can’t.

If there is no Ethernet cable between the Deco P7, Wi-Fi Backhaul and PLC Backhaul will take effect at the same time. When there is an Ethernet cable between the Deco P7 units, then only Ethernet Backhaul will take effect.


How to know if PLC Backhaul is working?

From the PLC indicator on the power adapter, we can know PLC Backhaul is working or not.

If the indicator is solid orange, it means the PLC Backhaul connection is bad or even fail to connect.

If the indicator is solid green, it means the PLC Backhaul connection is good enough.


What Can I do if PLC Backhaul is not working (The LED indicator on the power adapter is orange)?

  1. Make sure all the Deco P7 units are under the same power grid.
  2. Connect the Deco P7 to a different power socket. Use the wall socket rather than the extension socket.
  3. It's recommended to put two P7 units within a distance of 100 meters. In addition, please keep the P7 units far away from some high-power appliances to avoid the possible interference.