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How to add a SmartThings outlet to the Deco network?

  • Launch the Deco app, tap the Add icon at the upper right corner, choose Smart Devices -> Switches/Plugs/Outlets -> SmartThings Outlet (Samsung SmartThings) -> NEW DEVICE.
  • Tap NEXT and power on the outlet, the app will say Searching…
  • Wait up to 60 seconds until the outlet is discovered. If not, tap SCAN AGAIN.
  • When the outlet is discovered, tap NEXT and choose a location for it. Then tap DONE, and the outlet will list on the app.


How to reset a SmartThings outlet?

  • Remove the Outlet from the wall receptacle.
  • Press and hold the device’s Connect button while plugging the device back into the wall.
  • As soon as the LED turns on, quickly release the button.

Note: If the device fails to reset, please refer to the setup guide of the device’s manufacturer for more information.



Fail to add the outlet / the outlet is offline/unreachable

  • Make sure the outlet is powered on.
  • Move the outlet closer to the Deco router.
  • Avoid physical obstructions and radio interference in the surrounding area.
  • Reset the outlet and re-add it to the Deco network.

If the problem persists, please contact our technical support team.

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