How to Build an Ethernet Backhaul Using Two EasyMesh Routers

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Building a robust and efficient EasyMesh network with Ethernet Backhaul is a great way to enhance your home Wi-Fi experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up an Ethernet Backhaul using two EasyMesh routers.

Please note that the Ethernet Backhaul only works when both your main router and satellite router support EasyMesh Ethernet backhaul.

There are two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Change wireless backhaul to Ethernet backhaul

If both the main router and satellite router are already in an EasyMesh network, and the firmware that supports Ethernet backhaul has been installed, you could directly connect the main router’s LAN port to any Ethernet port of the satellite via an Ethernet cable to use Ethernet backhaul.

Scenario 2: Add a new satellite router to EasyMesh

At this point, please don’t configure the satellite and make sure it is under factory mode at first, if it was configured before, reset the satellite router to factory defaults.

Then connect your main router’s LAN port to the satellite’s LAN port via an Ethernet cable.


1. When adding a new router to EasyMesh, please use the satellite router’s LAN port as the backhaul port. After EasyMesh is built, all the ports on the satellite router (WAN, LAN, WAN/LAN) are available for Ethernet backhaul.

2. As long as the Ethernet backhaul is built successfully, the wireless backhaul will disconnect automatically. Similarly, if the Ethernet backhaul is disconnected for some reasons, devices will rebuild the mesh network via the wireless backhaul.

How to confirm whether Ethernet Backhaul is working or not?

Please login the web interface of the main router and go to EasyMesh page, you will be able to see the Connection of each satellite device, and Ethernet icon means it is connected via Ethernet Backhaul.

If it still shows wireless icon, please check if the Ethernet cable is functioning and connected correctly or not.

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