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HomeShield is a built-in service, available in all HomeShield routers and Deco Mesh products. It is a home networking protection kit that covers all security scenarios with its network security, parental controls, QoS, and comprehensive reports. With its security function, users’ networks are well protected. Also, HomeShield’s parental controls build a safer, cleaner internet to help users explore the online world. With HomeShield, a safer internet experience brings more happiness to your smart living.


    Network Security


    Parental Controls


    Quality of Service (QoS)


    Comprehensive Reports

Why HomeShield?

It Handles All Your Concerns

  • Private Info Leakage

    Private Info Leakage

  • Cyber Virus Intrusion

    Cyber Virus Intrusion

  • IoT Devices Attacks

    IoT Device Attacks

  • Teenager Internet Addiction

    Internet Addiction

Protects Comprehensively

Protects Comprehensively

HomeShield protects comprehensively through its various features, which include network security and parental controls. Features like web protection and IoT protection benefit network security. For parental controls, parents can set YouTube restrictions*, SafeSearch*, and more to help them build safer and healthier online experiences.

Protects All Devices

With HomeShield, it protects all kinds of home network devices, including phones, computers, TVs, game consoles, and other IoT devices. Simply configure the gateway and achieve whole home network security. It identifies all your devices and immediately begins monitoring their security performance once they join the network.

Protects Everywhere

HomeShield covers all security scenarios, from indoor to outdoor, maintaining network security and device security anytime anywhere. Mobile devices remain secure, and your kids stay under parental control on the go. This takes HomeShield to a whole new level.

Network Security, 100% Safeguard

HomeShield provides comprehensive security protection. Simply configure the gateway and achieve whole home network security. HomeShield examines your network by scanning and identifying potential risks, thus improving your network security.


    Web Protection

    Web Protection blocks access to malicious websites to avoid dangerous links and personal information disclosure.


    Intrusion Prevention


    Real-Time IoT Protection

Parental Controls, Protect Your Kids and Maintain Healthy Digital Habits

Age-level filters and online time limits provide your family with personalized and appropriate internet access. With a detailed report of your home network, you can check the sites your children visit and how much time they spend on each. It’s a great way to know your children are safe while they’re having fun online.


    User Profiles by Age

    Easily set a profile for each family member based on age and set custom time limits and online time allowances. Assign devices to profiles so rules extend to individual devices as well as family members.


    App Blocking*


    Web Filtering


    YouTube Restrictions*



Time Management

Ensures your family maintains healthy digital habits by setting time schedules and granting extra online time when necessary.

  • Bedtime


  • Time Limits

    Time Limits

  • Offtime


  • Time Rewards

    Time Rewards

Maintain Protection Away from Home

Unlike most network security services that only work at home, HomeShield maintains its safeguards away from home. With the device security app and our exclusive KidShield app, mobile devices remain secure and under parental control on the go. This takes HomeShield to a higher level of comprehensive protection.



KidShield, Ensure Your Kids’ Safety On-the-Go

Unlike most network security services that only work at home, HomeShield maintains its safeguards away from home. Through KidShield App, your little ones stay digitally protected away from home, even if they are not connected to your home WiFi.


    Keep Track of Locations

    Worried that your kids are secretly going somewhere like internet cafés or amusement parks? Or even skipping classes? Location tracker allows parents to monitor their kids’ real-time GPS locations. What's more, parents can set geofencing and get alerts when kids are away from the set boundary.


    Payment Management


    Prevent App Installing


    Screen Time

§KidShield App is expected to launch in Q3 2024. Stay tuned!

Devices Antivirus,
Your On-The-Go Security Helper

Through the Devices Antivirus (paid software service), your devices and personal information are well protected anytime and anywhere with antivirus, online threat protection, firewall, secure VPN client, and privacy monitor.

Device Security




    Online Threat Protection


    Smart Firewall

Online Security


    Secure VPN Client


    Privacy Monitor

Comprehensive Reports

More detailed reports to help you get a complete understanding of your home WiFi and each connected device.

Network Security Statistics

Check the results of the scans and preventions against any potential cyber threats or attacks for your home network.

End Device Statistics

Check for newly connected devices and closely monitor security performance.

Internet Use Overview

Get a complete understanding of your home network security and your family's online behavior

Online Time Analysis

Have a clear picture of how much time each family member spends online and receive browsing advice.

Browser History Analysis

Discover which websites your family members visit and the malicious ones blocked by HomeShield.

Customizable Quality of Service

With QoS, you can assign bandwidth to the devices/applications you want so they run at their best.

By Device Priority

By Application/Mode Priority*

HomeShield Overview

Function Modules Features Applicable Scenarios Subscription Options
Network Security Basic At Home Free
Router Security Scan, Wireless Security Scan, IoT Device Identification,
Wi-Fi Access Control*, Camera Security*, Device Isolation*
Advanced At Home Security+
30-Day Free Trial
IoT Protection, Web Protection,Intrusion Prevention
Devices Antivirus On-the-Go Not for sale separately.
Included in the

Total Security Package
Antivirus Protection, Privacy VPN, Password Vault and More
(Support iOS,Android,Windows and Mac)
Parental Controls Basic At Home Free
Create Profile,Preset Age Template,Pause the Internet
Content Filter(by URL),Block Specific Websites,Bed Time,Insight
Advanced At Home Advanced
Parental Controls

30-Day Free Trial
Flexible Bed Time, Time Limits, Off Time, Time Reward,Family time
Blocked Apps*, App Time Limits*, Always Allowed Apps*
SafeSearch*, YouTube Restricted*, Comprehensive Insight
KidShield App On-the-Go Total
Parental Controls Package

*KidShield is not for sale separately
Flexible Bedtime,Time Limits, Off Time, Time RewardApp Block, Web Filtering,
Device Settings Management, Payment Management, Lock Device, Keep Track of Locations, Statistics (Support iOS, Android, 2024 Q3 Support)
Quality of Service (QoS) Device Priority, Scene Priority* / Free
Comprehensive Reports Network Security Statistics, End Device Statistics
Internet Use Overview, Online Time Analysis, Browser History Analysis
/ Based on the purchasing package for
network security and parental controls,
no additional charges

HomeShield at Your Fingertips

Subscribe to HomeShield Services with the Deco or Tether App and get a safer and cleaner network protection.

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Supported Models

The following models including their subsequent versions, support HomeShield.

*The availability of this feature may vary by model and software version. Please check the app to see if your model is supported. Specific support details are subject to the information displayed in the app.

Subscription fees and offers may vary by country and region. TP-Link reserves the right to modify the service and its features at any time.

Actual interfaces may vary from the image depicted.

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