TP-Link’s Deco BE65-5G Wi-Fi is more than a Router, it’s a whole home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System


    TP-Link’s Deco BE65-5G looks like a Wi-Fi 7 router at first glance, but dig a little deeper and it’s clear why this 5G BE9300 tri-band device is better described as a whole home mesh Wi-Fi 7 System. Not only does the Deco B65-5G connect to any internet service provider’s modem over Ethernet, it also has plug-and-play 5G connectivity. Just insert a nano SIM card and users can rely on the B65-5G to keep them connected anywhere there’s a 5G connection, even rural areas or holiday hotspots. This makes the B65-5G ideal not just for home, but also temporary setups, such as a food truck or kiosk.


    9214 Mbps Tri-Band Wi-Fi

    As a Wi-Fi 7 device, the Deco BE65-5G offers up to 9214 megabits per second (Mbps) split across three bands: 5760Mbps on 6GHz, 2880 Mbps on 5GHz, and 574MBps for legacy 2.4GHz devices. (These are ideal speeds and actual network speeds will depends on network configuration and devices used).

    The 6GHz band added by Wi-Fi 7 gives users access to bandwidth congestion-free channels1, for 8K streaming today, plus future-proofing for tomorrow’s multi-gigabit NBN connections.


    Ultra-Fast 5G Broadband Connection

    Insert a nano-SIM into the Deco BE65-5G and get access to 5G mobile network speeds of up to 3.4Gbps (depending on provider and reception) and latency as low as 1ms2. Instead of paying for a separate fibre connection at the farm or holiday home, users can set up a Deco BE65-5G and be online in moment. Even better for short-rentals, pop-up venues, and temporary shops, the convenience of 5G gives your location internet access at the press of a button, and avoids costly contracts and installation waiting periods. The Deco BE65-5G is also compatible with 4G and 3G networks and has external antenna ports for locations that need a reception boost.


    2.5Gbps Wired Connections and Wired/Wireless Backhaul  

    The Deco BE65-5G has three 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports2, making it an ideal fit for your favourite wired devices, including next-generation VR headsets.

    These ports can also be used for backhaul: Combine multiple Deco BE65-5G units for whole home mesh Wi-Fi 7, and enjoy exceptional throughput and reduced latency, thanks to backhaul aggregation. This means the units combine their wired and wireless connections over Wi-Fi 7 MLO, for a more stable network, delivered to every device in your home. 


    TP-Link HomeShield

    As Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to proliferate, network security in the home becomes paramount. TP-Link’s HomeShield3 provides a series of built-in services that protect all your devices comprehensively with various features for when you’re at home or on the go, including the ability to set up a separate Wi-Fi network for IoT devices only, with advanced WPA3 encryption.


    Universal Compatibility

    A key advantage of the Deco BE65-5G is its universal compatibility with modems and other devices from your ISP. There’s also built-in VPN capability, including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec VPN.



    The TP-Link Deco BE65-5G router is available now and full product details can be found on the TP-Link website. Deco products are supported by a 3 year warranty and are available from all authorised TP-Link Partners and Retailers in Australia.


    About TP-Link

    TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly solutions for homes and businesses. With a commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability, TP-Link continues to push the boundaries of connectivity to enhance the digital experiences of users worldwide.


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    1. Maximum wirelesssignal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput, wireless coverage, and connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of internet service provider factors, network conditions, client limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and client location.
    2. 2.5 Gbps internet speeds require compatible service plans and equipment. All WAN/LAN ports will operate as either WAN or LAN ports. Only one port can serve as a WAN port at a time.
    3. HomeShield includes the free basic and four main fee-based services (Security+, Advanced Parental Controls, Total Parental Controls Package, Total Security Package). Visit for more information. Some features are under development and will be supported with subsequent software updates.

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