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    When the Tapo® camera is turned on, all captured video will be stored by Tapo Care®. You can check the recorded video anywhere, anytime, regardless of the camera status. Tapo® keeps the data within its servers, ensuring that your data is safe from any third parties.

    Tapo Care® service is designed to satisfy your evolving security camera needs. Tapo Care® updated its algorithm to support person detection, baby crying detection, and privacy zones this year.

    • Person Detection

    The person detection function updates traditional motion tracking in many standard security cameras. You can precisely monitor an individual’s movement. Notifications will only be pushed to your phone where necessary. It ensures that you can maintain the safety and security of your property at all times.

    • Baby Crying Notification

    Tapo Care® has designed the baby crying function to redefine traditional Tapo® cameras. Your Tapo® camera becomes a baby monitor by combining person detection and baby crying functions. Once your child cries, you will instantly be notified so you can check in on your baby.

    • Privacy Zone Protection

    Protecting your privacy is essential, and Tapo® understands how important that is for you. Tapo Care® protects your privacy by owning the cloud service provider. We encourage you to set personal privacy zones to keep specific spaces unrecorded.

    Tapo Care® is available to all users of Tapo® cameras! Click the link to learn more about Tapo Care®!

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