TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs–Make Your Outlets Smart

    When it comes to smart home devices, what pops into your head? A smart TV? Maybe a smart refrigerator?

    Like most smart home enthusiasts, you probably pay more attention to these big-ticket items. But how about your mundane, old appliances? Wouldn’t it make sense to update them into smarter versions of themselves?

    Good news! All you need is a smart plug. The humble little smart plug might not be the most eye-catching or featured-packed smart home device out there, but its ability to let you control older devices with a tap of your phone is incredibly useful.

    But there’s a problem. It can be tricky to choose a smart plug from so many brands. To help, here are some important features to consider while picking out the right smart plug for your smart home:

    +Easy to set up and use

    +Remote Control

    +Easy connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee)

    +Works with mainstream smart home ecosystems

    +Voice Control 

    +Schedule and set scenes

    If you are looking for a smart plug that checks all of those boxes, TP-Link Kasa smart plugs are the way to go.

    Kasa smart plugs can be quickly set up via the Kasa Smart app. The Kasa Smart app is easy to use and enables you to switch the smart plug on or off, create a scene, or set a schedule that can trigger connected devices to switch on/off automatically throughout the day.

    The Kasa Smart app also helps you remotely control your (now) smart devices like lights. If you’ve already bought other TP-Link Kasa devices, use Grouping to combine your smart plug with other Kasa Smart devices for seamless control with a tap of your phone.

    On top of Android and iOS compatibility, Kasa smart plugs offer in-depth customization and seamless integration with the two most popular smart home ecosystems: Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.


    If you have Amazon Echo or Google Home in your home, you’ll love being able to turn your devices on and off with voice commands. There’s nothing better than smelling fresh coffee brewing while you’re still in bed.

    Besides these common features, the TP-Link Kasa smart line features smart plugs targeting specific scenarios. You can pick the best one for you based on  design, features, and your needs.

    Here’s a helpful guide for buying a Kasa smart plug:


    Most Compact- HS105 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

    Many smart plugs tend to block outlets with their bulky size. This mini smart plug’s slim design is thin enough to plug two devices into one outlet. It also shares features with other Kasa smart plugs. You can use it without an assistant or hub by just using the Kasa Smart app.

    Best for Outdoors- KP400 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug


    Dealing with devices plugged into outdoor outlets can be challenging. In addition to regular features such as Remote Control, Scheduling, and Voice Control, outdoor smart plugs should tolerate damp conditions, freezing temperatures, and blistering summertime heat.

    This outdoor smart plug survives in most environments. It has an IP64 rating that ensures your device is protected from dust and splashes of water from any direction. Also, its strongest Wi-Fi signal can cover 300 ft in an open space.

    New Smart Power Strip- KP303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip, 3-Outlets

    The newly released Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip features 3 grounded outlets that can be independently controlled and scheduled, plus 2 fast-charging USB ports. Like traditional power strips, it also protects against power surges that may occur during thunderstorms.

    If the guide above didn’t answer all of your questions, please feel free to visit for more information about the Kasa smart product line and take your first step towards living in your ideal smart home.

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