TP-Link receives “Service and Quality 2013: Readers’ Choice” award by popular vote in PC Magazine Russian Edition

    (Moscow, Russia) – January 27th, 2014 – PCMagazine/RE summarized results from Russian computer users, which had the purpose to define the most reputable brands of computer equipment and also to generally assess the quality of products and services represented in the market see TP-Link as one of the best companies for service and quality in Russia.

    “An ideal brand must equally represent high quality, technical excellence and great service. As our vote has shown, there is no “ideal brand” in the market currently, at least if we limit ourselves to the sectors of small and medium business. At the same time there are a number of companies, which have significantly approached to the ideal level of quality and service, and such brands, which are considered a guarantee of quality and reliability”, the article submitted.
    TP-Link makes significant investments into product development and quality control. A typical product will be tested against up to 7000 different testing scenarios based on real world use cases and only once it has passed those tests will the product be ready for launch. This process is used to ensure that the product that an end user purchases works precisely as they expect, hopefully ensuring that they never need to talk to tech support, but if they do TP-Link aims to provide a positive experience there as well.

    Alexey Finkin, Head of Technical Support at TP-Link Russia remarked, “We are very grateful to our users for their high estimation of our achievements. This year has become a year of serious changes and improvements, especially in issues related to service and technical support. A great deal of work has been done, and now we can offer high quality technical support to our users in the most complex situations. Especially I would like to highlight professional and joint work of technical service specialists”.

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