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Flexibly Create a Whole-Home Wi-Fi

OneMesh™ - destroying Wi-Fi dead zones via enhanced device compatibility – helps expand your network and make high-speed Wi-Fi throughout your home accessible. Just add specific devices to your OneMesh™ ecosystem for broader wireless coverage and faster streaming.

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* OneMesh™ router needs to works with OneMesh™ RE or OneMesh™ PLC to build Mesh networks. * Establishing Mesh Wi-Fi between routers is not currently supported (coming soon).

Why OneMesh™

Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots 

OneMesh™ boosts signal strength while maintaining a single Wi-Fi network that covers every corner of your home. No more searching around for a stronger signal for faster connection.

Seamless Wi-Fi Connections with Just One Network Name 

OneMesh™ intelligently connects mobile devices to your router or extenders, whichever provides the best connection. The OneMesh™ router and extenders share a single Wi-Fi name so you stay connected to your network in every room.


    Traditional Router with Extender


    OneMesh™ Router + Range Extender

Stays Fast, Always

OneMesh™ keeps your network running at the top-speed by intelligently choosing the fastest connection path for your data.


Easy Centralized Management

Manage your whole-home Wi-Fi simply by managing the central node via the Tether app or Web UI. Easily adjust and customize wireless settings, including network name, password and so on for your entire Wi-Fi network.

Control Center

Set up a mesh network with Your Existing Router 

If you already have a OneMesh™ router, for example Archer AX20, all you have to do is…

  1. Update your existing TP-Link router’s firmware to OneMesh™ version—no need to abandon it.
  2. Connect one or more OneMesh™ repeaters, like RE605X to your existing router.
  3. Start to enjoy the Mesh network.
Your Existing Router Like Archer AX20 RE605X Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi
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OneMesh™ is coming to all TP-Link product categories

OneMesh™ is coming to all TP-Link SOHO product categories with a simple firmware update. Enjoy more options for customizing your whole-home Wi-Fi. Get ready to enjoy seamless coverage and the fastest possible speeds throughout your home.

3G/4G Router Wi-Fi Router xDSL Modem Router Range Extender Powerline Adapter

* Only one router is needed to build Mesh networks. OneMesh™ supports up to six OneMesh™ devices, including the router.


Q1: What is the relationship between OneMesh™ and TP-Link Mesh?

A1: OneMesh™ is a trademark for all OneMesh™ products, while TP-Link Mesh is a mesh technology from TP-Link. OneMesh™ network works based on TP-Link Mesh Technology.

Q2: Which mode should I use on my wireless router or modem router for OneMesh™?

A2: Wireless Routers support OneMesh™ only on Router mode. Modem Routers support OneMesh™ on any operation mode.

Q3: How do I set up a OneMesh™ network for different types of devices?

A3: You can use a OneMesh™ Wireless Router or Modem Router with several sets of Range Extenders or Powerline Adapters to create a OneMesh™ network. Be aware, you cannot create a OneMesh™ network between two routers.

Q4: How to set up a mesh network when there are more than two repeaters joining into the network?

A4: Generally we suggest connecting all the repeaters to the router for better performance. Customers can also connect one repeater to another repeater which already gets connected to the router, however we don’t recommend you to add more than two repeaters to one single link chain in consideration of the Wi-Fi quality.