TP-Link's AV200 Powerline Adapters Outshine Competitors in the Netherlands

TP-Link's AV200 Powerline Adapter Mini Starter Kit TL-PA211KIT rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and received “Best Product” from PCM magazine, one of the largest publishers in the Dutch speaking region with a large following of advanced PC users.
The review focused on data transmission rate, with the TL-PA211KIT reaching around 4Mbit/s when transmitting large files, while competitors’ products managed only 1Mbit/s, proving the TL-PA211KIT’s superior speed over its competitors.  These test results should give end users confidence in TP-Link’s powerline products and provide a great example of what TP-Link strives to achieve with all of our products.
The review concludes that the Mini AV200 Powerline Adapter Starter Kit TL-PA211KIT is a winning combination of performance and competitive pricing.