"The Chinese networking product manufacturer TP-Link has begun to compete against established companies with aggressive prices. The manufacturer began business in Germany with a distribution network, has a partner program in the works, a German support team and localized products in an effort to become one of the big ones."


TP-Link’s Chairman, Mr. Jeffrey Chao had an interview with Germany’s high tech magazine Computer Reseller News last month at Hannover’s CeBIT 2010.

Mr. Chao illustrated the importance of the German market and outlined TP-Link’s strategy for growth in Western Europe and for global Brand business overall. Key to global development, said Mr. Chao, was both quality and assurance to customers that the products that they are buying are of the highest quality and as such are backed up by 3-year warranties.

The article went on to illustrate how important TP-Link’s channel business was to the company’s past, present, and future growth with new and stronger partnerships being formed and improved upon with the help of localization of the brand including local staff, sales and logistical support.

The article said that while the ethos of the company was essentially very modest, the goals to become one of the top three networking brands in Germany and number one worldwide were far less so.

Mr. Chao noted that a great deal of TP-Link’s success was dependant on its ability to produce high quality products cheaply, the ability to do so attributed to TP-Link’s reluctance to outsource, most notably quality management, speed of innovation, and product availability.


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