TP-Link Awards"Best Business Growth 2008" to Mercury Hungary

TP-Link awarded the "Best Business Growth 2008" to Mercury, the company’s Hungarian distributor for the incredible headway that they have made in the Hungarian market in 2008. Mercury’s TP-Link product sales in Hungary surpassed its 2007 sales by 2.5 times, an impressive number, especially considering the slowdown in the global economy.  

Hungary has a population of approximately 10 million people and is now, largely due to the hardworking people at Mercury, TP-Link´s strongest market by market share in Europe followed by Poland.
Mr. Attila Konya, CEO of Mercury, expressed his high appreciation as well as praise for TP-Link as one of the best suppliers in China that Mercury has ever cooperated with. "I have more than 80 IT suppliers in China, and over 15 years of purchasing experience from factories in China. When I was in Shenzhen in TP-Link’s factory, I only had positive feelings. When I visited I was shocked by the professionalism of management and I realized that we can easily increase our market share in the Hungarian Networking market and how easy it would be to quickly reach all channels, from dealers to Government tenders."
Mr. Attila Konya also went on to say that the most important reason that Mercury cooperated with TP-Link was that he was really shocked by the professionalism and devotion at TP-Link. "Honestly, when I’m 8000km away from China, it’s not easy to feel the power of a company from price lists and communication, but when I have seen with my own eyes [the factory in China] I rest easy knowing that they are thinking really long term and doing business like they know what European clients need. I visited more than 250 factories in the last 10 years including well known brands and if I were to compare, TP-Link is much more demonstrative and convincing than others."
Reqarding TP-Link´s quality control, Mercury´s CEO cited his companies RMA history with TP-Link, which most distributors take very seriously when considering suppliers. He said, "When did I feel that they were really serious? When I saw the RMA room, it was in front of us and they didn’t try to hide it from visitors, because everybody knows that the RMA rate is very important for importers and all I saw was that the room was empty. In my records over the last 3 years of cooperation between Mercury Hungary & TP LINK we have had very few boxes of RMA, the number is too small to send back, because the cost of transit was higher than the number of RMA."
Ultimately, TP-Link and Mercury have built a very strong and mutually beneficial relationship in Hungary that will be sure to attract others to the brand or as said once more by Mr Attila Konya, "I suggest for all Distributors think really seriously and regard TP-Link as their best supplier in their records and in their hearts."