TP-Link's TL-WA901ND 300Mbps Wireless Access Point won praise from Russia's in a thorough review, taking home the Editor's Choice Award. The Award was given for the Access Point's easy-to-use, easy to understand user-interface, the device's high-speed, stable connections, and the variety of functions on offer that allow for online gaming, VoIP calls, media streaming, and supports WMM or Wireless Multi-Media.

The website began the test working with a DS410j NAS server and connected it directly to the TP-Link TL-WA901ND and went out to the street with their Acer Ferrari laptop which has an embedded 802.11n wireless card. They were surprised to find that the NAS and the laptop recognized each other immediately with no configuration, running at speeds of 1-12 megabytes/sec.

The review reports on nearly every aspect of the Access Point, noting its easy-to-use interface with simple access via the web, Power over Ethernet that allows for flexible deployment, VLAN, and access control settings to distribute access rights to designated users.

In speed tests the website noted that the TL-WA901ND supports not only 802.11n wireless connections but 802.11b/g as well for maximum versatility with other user devices. Though the access point had difficulty penetrating the Soviet Style walls of one location where it was tested, it still provided more than ample speed, exceeding the maximum download bandwidth of the local ISP.

Direct line of sight (no obstacles), 2 metres----------------10-12MB/s
Direct line of sight (no obstacles), 5 metres---------------10-12MB/s
Direct line of sight (no obstacles), 10 metres---------------10-11.5MB/s
One concrete wall, 2 metres-------------------------9-10MB/s
Two concrete walls, 5 metres-------------------------8-9MB/s
Three concrete walls, 10 metres----------------------7-8MB/s
Balcony – Street, 15 metres-------------------------8-9MB/s
House – Street, 15 metres------------------------2-3MB/s

The article finishes saying "TP-Link TL-WA901ND wireless access point is one of the best economy-class solutions including the support of 300Mbps speed. For this we award it with our Editor's Choice award"

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