Canada’s consumer electronics review website chose the TL-PA211KIT Mini Powerline Starter Kit as a “Recommended Product” after an extensive review, citing great performance, incredibly easy setup, and great connection speeds.

As powerline networking is relatively new to the North American market, the review begins by giving an overview of what powerline networking is, the benefits of powerline networking and how to use it. The review highlights some of the TL-PA211KIT’s features such as miniature size and 300 meter range over a home’s electrical wiring. Also mentioned was TL-PA211KIT’s power saving mode reducing power consumption by up to 65%.

After the review’s test to judge how the performance of the AV200 adapters were versus a standard wired network, concluded, “When it hits our markets, I highly recommend the TP-Link PA211KIT as a great powerline networking option”.

AV200 Mini Powerline Adapter TL-PA211

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