TP-Link Partners with AHA to Break into Indonesia’s Growing 3G Market
October, 2010

Cooperation Background

Indonesia’s 3G services are rapidly developing with the main ISPs in Indonesia already offering 3G service to a wide array of customers. With a total population of 230 million, there over 180 million mobile phone users, of which the broadband mobile user base has seen growth of 40%.

AHA is one of Indonesia’s most popular 3G brands, with broad 3G coverage in most major cities including Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya, with over 30% of the 3G mobile market.

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of 3G in the country, in the second half of this year, ISPs have been providing USB modems to augment existing 3G services with some ISPs pairing their USB modems with 3G routers. In order to attract more customers in this fast growing market by offering a better service for consumers, ahead of the competition, AHA decided to find a partner with the competitive advantage to meet this growing demand.

Why TP-Link?

TP-Link’s 3G 11N routers have been tested in real end user environments in over 40 countries around the globe and are compatible with over 100 3G USB modems, making them ideal for use with AHA’s primary USB modems, such as the Huawei EC 167 and Olive VME 110.

After testing TP-Link’s 3G router, judging its compatibility, ease of use, and real world performance AHA was very please with the results. TP-Link’s technical support with high-quality services also interested AHA, ensuring less hassles for the company and end-users when using their products.

TP-Link in Indonesia

From the 3rd to the 7th of November this year, AHA introduced the AHA + TP-Link bundle at their desk in the Indocomtech fair, shown in the image below. The customized design and excellent working performance won a lot of attention in the fair, showing the great demand for it in this fast growing 3G market.

TP-Link – AHA Bundle

TP-Link 3G routers are now on sale in Indonesia, bundled with AHA’s 3G modems available in all of AHA’s major sales channels in major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. TP-Link will continue to strive to provide the highest quality in 3G services to Indonesian end users to realize the benefits of sharing the freedom of 3G.

TP-Link Products in Indonesia