TP-Link has been issued AA class qualification from China Customs. The AA rating is the highest that can be awarded to a Chinese enterprise, exporting and importing products to and from the mainland. This rating is only awarded to enterprises with high value imports and exports, low error rate of declarations, accurate accounts keeping, business records, operations and management, and credit record. TP-Link won the classification primarily due to corporate compliance and large import and export volumes on the back of large sales volumes.

AA Class qualification not only gives TP-Link the 11 standard privileges afforded class A companies, but will also allow for 4 additional benefits that will further improve the convenience of exports. A trust pass allows goods imported and exported by TP-Link to clear customs with limited checks; A designated China customs representative will be assigned to TP-Link to assist with customs clearance; Records will now be kept in digital format to improve efficiency by up to ten days; checks will be less frequent and minimally invasive to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

The above measures will help to facilitate customs clearance which will greatly accelerate declaration matters allowing for faster response time to ever-growing demand in overseas markets. This will help to improve TP-Link’s image to customers abroad and improve response times to changing factors in our industry, allowing us to become more competitive and flexible than our competitors.