Basic pre-sales questions for TP-Link smart home

For Kasa & Alexa & Google Assistant

Q:  What are the system and hardware requirement for Kasa app?




iOS 8.0 or higher


Android 4.1 or higher

Smart Phone

Note:  We do not recommend using an iPad or iPod touch as the Kasa app does not have an iPad version.  Currently there is no plan to support other OSs such as Windows phone, Kindle and Kindle fire.

Q:  How many Smart Home products can the Kasa app control?

A:  There is no limitation.

Q:  Can I ask Alexa/Google Assistant to "turn off power after 30 minutes" since KASA app has timer?

A:  No, Alexa/Google Assistant do not support KASA’s timer function. As of right now Alexa/Google Assistant can only turn on/off Smart Plugs and Smart Switchs.  For Smart Bulbs, Alexa/Google Assistant can turn on/off, dim/brighten, and change color (LB130 only)

For Smart Home products

Q:  Do smart home products support IFTTT and ZigBee?

A:  Currently our smart home products only support Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. For other compatibility plans, please refer to our official website.

Q:  What encryption types do our Smart Home products support?

A:  Our Smart Home products do not support portal or WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks. For the sake of security, our Smart Home products don’t support un-secured Wi-Fi also.

Note: Smart home products do support hidden SSIDs, You will need to enter the SSID and password manually to connect when you do the configuration (only applies to Kasa version 1.4.2 and above).

Q:  Do our Smart Home products support 5GHz Wi-Fi?

A:  Currently our Smart Home products only KC120/RE270K/RE370K support 5GHz, and others do not support now.

Q:  Can the Smart Plug be controlled by multiple phones?

A:  Yes, as long as you log in the cloud account associated with the Smart Plug on the phone, you can control the Smart Plug even though other people have already logged in on another phone.

Q:  Can our Smart Home products monitor energy consumption?

A:  The HS110 can monitor energy consumption via Kasa app.  The smart blubs however can only monitor energy savings.

Q:  Do our Smart Home products retain the settings if power is disconnected, like Power outage, or breaker blown, etc.?

A:  Yes, it should retain setting and restore connection once power is restored.

Q:  Can our Smart Home products be used outdoors?

A:  It depends on the operating environment.  If there is Wi-Fi signal outside and the outlet is protected by roof or overhang, it shouldn’t be any problem.  Outside temps might potentially cause problems depending on your climate, so you would want to make sure that the device stays in its operating temperatures.

Q.  Do our Smart Home products support multi voltage? Can I bring the smart product to other countries for using?

A:  For smart plugs and smart switches, they both support multi voltage and work in the range of 100-240V.  While the voltage standard marked on the label complies the local market standard.  Smart blubs do not support multi voltage, and may cause damage if the voltage is different than what is on the label.  For HS200, since size and specification varies for different regions, if you take it to another region, it may cause some installation and usage problems.

Note:  TP-Link does not have a global RMA policy, so we recommend to only purchase products in the region you plan to use them in.

Q:  Do the Smart Home products need to be in the same room with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant?

A:  No. As long as the bulb can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled in the Kasa app, it can be bound to and controlled by Amazon Echo/Google Assistant.

Q:  Can multiple Smart Home products work with Amazon echo? If so, do I need to use separate names for each product?

A:  Yes. While you’re setting them up in the Kasa app, you will get the opportunity to set a custom name and icon for each smart device.  When you pair them to Alexa, you also can also divide the Smart Home products into groups to control them.  For example, if you have two Smart Plugs, you could name one "Table lamp" and the other one "tree lamp”, then group them as "living room lamps." Then you can ask Alexa to control them separately or together at once. 

Q:  Will the Timer and Schedule function still take effect if internet is down?

A:  Yes, those functions will take effect even if the Smart Home device loses its internet connection. If the device is manually turned off, then Timer will be shut down while Schedule continues.

This Article Applies to:
HS110 KIT , HS200 , LB230
Q&A of functional explanation or specification parameters | Updated 10-31-2017 06:03:37 AM