Most frequent questions when installing Linux driver of Wi-Fi Adapter

Q: I’m not familiar with Linux. How do I install the adapter on my Linux?

A: TP-Link has provided an Installation Guide in the driver files. Please follow the installation guide to install it. Or download from here: for linux driver_RTL.pdf


Q: What can I do if I get an error “permission denied” when I execute the command?

A: Please use sudo or root account to execute the command.


Q: Why do I get the error“mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/etc/Wireless/RT2870STA/’: No such file or directory” when I execute command of “sudo bash”?

A: Normally it is because that you failed to create the folder “RT2870STA” in “etc/Wireless/”. To avoid it, please use “chmod 777 /etc/Wireless” to authorize first.


Q:What adapter support latest Linux kernel ?

A:For now, only T9UH will update to 4.4.6 driver.( Linux 2.6.18-4.4.6)


Q: What can I do if I failed to install the driver because my Linux OS doesn’t match the kernel version listed on the official website, or I cannot install the driver because of the errors which I could not understand?

A:Since Linux is developed at an open system with various branches, we cannot guarantee that our driver could work on your Linux system. However, there are many developers provide their own driver in Linux forum. We recommend you to use their drivers.

From Github: (For T2U/T2UH/T1U)


This Article Applies to:
Archer T4UH V2 , Archer T2UH , Archer T4UH
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