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Why choose a mesh Wi-Fi solution?

By Marketing Team

Networking can be a confusing topic. For most people, they just want a robust network that is easy to set up, simple to manage and works flawlessly, even when the bandwidth is being pushed to the limit. 
This technology is available now, and it is called Mesh Wi-Fi. 

Most well-known networking companies have a Mesh Wi-Fi solution available. Recently, due to the current Covid19 situation, the need for a more reliable, powerful, and stable network really is an essential service. It keeps us entertained, helps us stay informed and connected, helps our children to learn and perhaps most importantly, keeps us employed as we can continue our roles in a virtual capacity.  

TP-Link speaks with customers daily who have experienced our mesh products and also look at the feedback online from customer reviews and media, the general consensus is once they have a mesh solution deployed in their home they are pleasantly surprised by the performance and ease of setup, I have lost count of how many times I have heard “I wish I’d bought this ages ago”, or “I’m never going back to the old way”

The Wi-Fi range offered by Mesh Wi-Fi is significant, and if you live in a very large home you can easily expand your coverage by adding another unit to your existing setup.

Previously to extend your Wi-Fi network you may choose to use a range extender, a separate access point or even Powerline technology. While this provides a solution in the short term it does have some disadvantages. You will see performance degradation when the signal is being amplified and your device may still try and cling to your router connection if you do not manually switch to the extender. Mesh 
Wi-Fi solves this problem, even though you have 2 or 3 devices in a mesh system it is one single network that reaches every corner of your home. 
In the rare case that a 2 or 3 pack does not suffice you can easily add more so you have a wide coverage across your very large home.

While Mesh Wi-Fi is widely available, not all Mesh Wi-Fi kits are created equal. Below, we highlight 5 reasons why the TP-Link Deco range is a superb choice to handle every day demands you and other users put on your network. 


  1. Massive capacity for devices and users – If you have multiple users all wanting to use their devices to access the internet a Mesh Wi-Fi system will intelligently balance the bandwidth so all users have a stable experience, even when they are all accessing the network simultaneously! 
    So many activities, all at the same time!
  2. Seamless Roaming – As you move through the house with your device it will automatically detect the strongest available connection and will switch seamlessly, rather than clinging to a weakened connection. 
    Home with Deco Mesh Wi-Fi                                             Home with router + range extenders
  3. True Mesh Technology – This one is important. Many companies with a Mesh Wi-Fi solution are offering a primary router and one or two ‘satellites’ (sometimes referred to as nodes). This can complicate set up. With a Deco system, every device is a powerful router, they can be connected in any order and it does not matter which one you take out of the box first, it just works. 
  4. HomeCare™, powered by Trend Micro is present at a device level. HomeCare offers parental controls, Quality of Service and Antivirus protection for all devices connected to your network.
  5. All Deco systems work together! This makes adding another Deco really simple. This scalable solution is handy if you move to a larger home and need more coverage or if you cannot buy a single pack of the model you already own. Simply add any other Deco model and it will add itself into the network with no fuss.

Mesh Wi-Fi will streamline your home Wi-Fi so you can spend more time enjoying high-speed internet and less time troubleshooting network issues!
Experience the Deco difference, today. 

Marketing Team

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