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Increase your Wi-Fi range – 4 easy ways.

By Marketing Team

No bandwidth battles here, Deco Mesh Wi-Fi provides a stable network environment.


There is an old saying that goes; there is more than one way to skin a cat. While it’s a crass saying that is probably best left in the past it is a more memorable way of saying there are multiple methods to achieve a similar outcome.

One problem many Aussies wish to overcome is poor Wi-Fi in the home. Most problems are not related to speed as you may think when you hear the commentary around internet speeds being far superior greater in other parts of the world.

The common problem most people face is a range, given the reliance we all have on Wi-Fi devices 2022 could be the year to tackle this problem. It may seem scary, but we’re here to offer some advice and guidance.

There is always a room where there is slow wi-fi, or devices regularly disconnect, or sometimes there is an impenetrable wall and there is just no signal to be found.

Today we are going to show you 4 ways you can rid your home of dead zones and make your Wi-Fi network cover your entire home.

Option 1 – Dig out some old networking equipment to repurpose

Cost – Free

Difficulty – Advanced

Setup time – 45 mins

Remember that old router you shoved in a box when you got your fast new NBN connection? That device may have been superseded but that doesn’t mean it can’t help somewhere else in your home. You can use the old router as a wireless access point to increase the range of your network.

We have detailed tutorials online, essentially you are changing settings on the router to alter the public IP address to one that is useable with your primary router. You then disable the DHCP settings and voila, it will function as an access point, expanding your network.

If this sounds like hard work or is too advanced, we suggest reading on as it gets less technical from here on out.

Don’t take your old router to e-waste just yet!

Option 2 – Wi-Fi Range Extender

Cost – Range from $59 - $199 (depending on specs)

Difficulty – Easy

Setup time – 15-20 mins

If you need to solve a problem with a stubborn dead zone a range extender can be the perfect solution.

Simply plug in near enough to your router so it will pick up the signal, and far enough away that it will rebroadcast that signal to where it is needed most.

Placement isn’t an exact science, and all homes are different. You will also see some performance dip due to the fact it is repeating a wireless signal rather than a wired connection.  Experimenting with placement in the home means you can quickly put a Wi-Fi signal where one did not exist previously.

These devices usually have multiple modes of operation, if you have ethernet ports around the home you can wire a range extender in and set it to AP (access point) mode. This ensures you won’t have the performance dip as we mentioned earlier as it is now wired directly to your router.

Mix up your work from the home schedule and work from the couch instead

Option 3 – Powerline Adapters

Cost – Range from $79 - $269 (depending on specs)

Difficulty – Intermediate

Setup time – 25-30 mins (add a little extra for multiple connections)

Powerline Adapters are often overlooked but in many ways are more reliable than a wireless range extender. Powerline adapters use your home's existing electrical wires to extend connectivity.

Power and Data can both travel on copper wiring without there being any interference. You can use powerline adapters to add some wired connectivity in areas of the house it is most needed. Alternatively, you can buy a Powerline kit that also has Wi-Fi onboard. This will provide you with gigabit wired connections and provide a Wi-Fi network in your home where your router cannot reach on its own.  They are particularly useful in a long home or in a home where the router may be located somewhere away from where you want to use Wi-Fi.  You can use multiple (up to 10) in your home to achieve the desired result.

Powerline brings instant, fast wired connections where you need them most.


Option 4 – Mesh Wi-Fi system

Cost - Cost – Range from $289 - $799 (depending on specs)

Difficulty – Easy

Setup time – 10 mins

If you want the ultimate in networking a Deco system from TP-Link can totally transform your home Wi-Fi. As well as providing a best-in-class Wi-Fi experience you will get added benefits like network protection, Monthly reports, parental controls and more!

A mesh network will provide total Wi-Fi coverage all over the home. These devices are purpose-built to handle lots of connections, multiple people, all wanting to access the internet in different rooms, using the internet simultaneously.

They have the headroom for hundreds of device connections and will keep your network running at its peak with no effort, with Deco you can enjoy the internet while everything else is handled for you.

A Deco Mesh Wi-Fi system is an elegant and powerful solution for in-home WI-Fi connectivity.

No more buffering, no more dead zones, just glorious Wi-Fi for the whole family to enjoy!

Marketing Team

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