• Price Tip

    Price Tip

    TL-WR2543ND won “Price Tip” award from CHIP Test & Kauf in Germany

    2013, Germany
  • Performance


    TL-WDR3600 received "Performance Award" from Hexus in UK

    2013, UK
  • Recommended


    TL-PA511KIT received "Recommended" award from Hexus in UK

    2013, UK
  • Gold Award

    Gold Award

    TL-PA511KIT received "Gold Award" from PC Format in UK

    2013, UK
  • Product Design Award

    Product Design Award

    TL-MR3040 won Product Design Award from IF in Germany

    2013, Germany
  • Recommended


    TL-SG1008PE received a Recommended award from PC Pro.

    2013, UK
  • Price-Performance Winner

    Price-Performance Winner

    TL-WPA4220KIT was nominated “Preis-Leistungs-Sieger” by Audio Video Foto Bild in issue 20/2013.

    2013, Germany


    TL-WDR4300 won CHIP AWARD 2013 in Ukraine

    2013, Ukraine
  • Editor's Choice - Target PC

    Editor's Choice - Target PC

    The device itself integrated into my wireless network at home seamlessly. When I tried it at work it made an amazing difference in our wireless network.

    2013, United States
  • Gold Winner

    Gold Winner

    Best Supporting the Partners Program of the Year: TP-Link USA for BizCare

    2013, United States
  • Product of the Year

    Product of the Year

    Archer C7 won Product of the Year from PCKOLOJİ magazine in Turkey.

    2013, Turkey
  • e-zone Choice

    e-zone Choice

    TL-WDR3600 has gained the award of “e-zone Choice” from magazine E-Zone.

    2013, HK