Why getting Blue screen or an unstable connection when using a Wi-Fi 6/6E PCI-E wireless adapter?

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After installing a Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless adapter on a computer, the computer may get a blue screen, unstable operation, or fail to connect to Wi-Fi.

This reason is very likely because the computer’s motherboard has a built-in Intel wireless adapter, in this case, if you install another wireless adapter with an Intel chip, there may be a variety of abnormal issue.


Intel informed us that two Intel wireless adapters cannot be installed and used together on the same motherboard. One Intel wireless adapter must be disabled before the another NIC work properly.

For example:

Gigabyte B560M AORUS PRO AX(rev.1.x) /Built-in Intel AX200.

Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme /Built-in Intel AX200.

ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 /Built-in Intel AX200.


Please disable the built-in Intel wireless adapter and then install the Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless adapter to use.

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