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Q1. What is the relationship between OneMesh™ of TP-Link SOHO products and Deco Mesh?

A1. The OneMesh™ is a trademark for all TP-Link SOHO products which can support mesh network, including Wi-Fi Routers, DSL Modem Routers, 3G/4G Router, Range Extenders, and Powerline Adapters .etc. OneMesh™ intelligently connects mobile devices to your router or extenders, whichever provides the best connection. Please check here for more information.

The Deco Mesh is the technology only used on TP-Link Deco products for the Mesh network. Deco adapts as your Wi-Fi needs change and uses complex algorithms behind the scenes to automatically and efficiently route data along the fastest path. Please check here for more information.

In Summary, OneMesh™ and Deco Mesh are totally different technologies used on different TP-Link products, so they are not compatible. For more details, please refer here.

Q2. Which TP-Link SOHO products support OneMesh™?

A2: Please check the Compatibility list of OneMesh™.

Q3. Can the OneMesh™ products build a Mesh network with Deco?

A3. No, according to Q1, OneMesh™ and Deco Mesh are totally different technologies used on different TP-Link products, so OneMesh™ products cannot build a Mesh network with Deco.

Q4. Can the OneMesh™ products or Deco build a Mesh network with other brand products?

A4. No. Currently, the Wi-Fi Alliance does not require the same technology to construct Mesh networks, so the methods and technologies used by each network provider are different. Therefore, there is no way to combine different brand products to build a Mesh network.

Q5. Can the OneMesh™ products support the Ethernet backhaul?

A5. No.  The OneMesh™ products can’t support the ethernet backhaul. But the Deco supports the Ethernet backhaul.

Q6. How to set up a mesh network when there are more than two repeaters joining into the network?

A6. Generally we suggest connecting all the repeaters to the router for better performance. Customers can also connect one repeater to another repeater which already gets connected to the router, however we don’t recommend you to add more than two repeaters to one single link chain in consideration of the Wi-Fi quality.

Q7. Which mode should I use on my wireless router or modem router for OneMesh™?

A7. Wireless Routers support OneMesh™ only on Router mode. Modem Routers support OneMesh™ on any operation mode.

Q8. Can the OneMesh™ router’s AP mode support the function of the mesh?

A8. No. Only under the router mode, the OneMesh™ router can build a mesh network.

Q9.How do I set up an OneMesh™ network for different types of devices?

A9.You can use an OneMesh™ Wireless Router or Modem Router or 3G/4G Router with several sets of Range Extenders or Powerline Adapters to create an OneMesh™ network.

Q10. Can two OneMesh™ routers build a Mesh network?

A10. No. The OneMesh™ router can only be combined with OneMesh™ RE or OneMesh™ PLC to build Mesh networks.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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