Even Smarter
with Sensors

Take your smart home to the next level.

The Magic of Tapo Sensors

  • Low-Power Wireless Protocol

    Ensures every battery-powered device lasts longer.

  • Long-Range Connections

    Devices stay connected all the time through a robust wireless network.

  • Fast & Reliable Performance

    Works even when the internet is down with low latency, low interference, and reliable connections.

Add Sensors to Your Home

  • Protect Your Home Day and Night

    Minimize accidents and worse with Tapo Motion Sensors and Tapo Contact Sensors constantly monitoring and guarding your home.

  • Keep Your Home Comfy at All Times

    Always keep an eye on your home’s comfort levels with Tapo Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Tapo Water Leak Sensors.

Seamless Home Automation

Effortlessly control Tapo products (smart plugs, smart lights, and smart switches) by setting automations and scenes triggered by your Tapo smart sensors.


Night Light

“Turn on the lights when the sensor detects motion”

No more fumbling in the dark. Your hallway lights turn on automatically as you pass by the sensor.

plug t315

Trigger Time

“Turn on the humidifier when the detected humidity is outside the preset range”

Keeps your room always at the appropriate temperature and humidity, providing you with a comfortable living space.

All-Round Home Security

Sync Tapo Smart Sensors with Tapo Cameras and create smart actions to build a solid home security system.

  • Trigger Sound & Light Alarm

  • Activate Patrol Mode

  • Set a Specific Viewpoint

Trigger Sound & Light Alarm

When Tapo Smart Contact Sensors detect doors and windows being opened unexpectedly, the Tapo Camera will trigger sounds and lights to deter intruders.

  • Trigger Sound & Light Alarm

  • Activate Patrol Mode

  • Set a Specific Viewpoint

Activate Patrol Mode

When your Tapo Motion Sensor detects motion, your Tapo Camera will activate Patrol Mode and sweep the area to see what’s going on.

  • Trigger Sound & Light Alarm

  • Activate Patrol Mode

  • Set a Specific Viewpoint

Set a Specific Viewpoint

Set a specific viewpoint for your Tapo Camera to turn to when your Tapo Water Leak Sensor detects a leak for instant monitoring.

Smart Sensors

  • Tapo T300

    Tapo T300

    Smart Water Leak Sensor

    Coming Soon
  • Tapo T100

    Tapo T100

    Smart Motion Sensor

  • Tapo T110

    Tapo T110

    Smart Contact Sensor

  • Tapo T310

    Tapo T310

    Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Tapo T315

    Tapo T315

    Smart Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Smart Hub

  • Tapo H200

    Tapo H200

    Tapo Smart Hub

    Coming Soon
  • Tapo H100

    Tapo H100

    Smart Hub with Chime

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