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VIGI Security Manager

VIGI Security Manager_setup_1.6.51

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2023-12-08 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 91.22 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: Windows

Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

VIGI Security Manager_setup_1.5.29

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2023-09-22 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 91.00 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: Windows

1. Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

VIGI Security Manager_setup_1.5.14

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2023-08-03 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 89.38 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: Windows

Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

VIGI Security Manager_setup_1.4.5

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2023-04-06 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 106.61 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: Windows

1. Optimized the user interface for a better experience.
2. Support to view and control the device shared from other users.
3. Support to manage firmware upgrade of NVR channel.
4. Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

VIGI Security Manager_V1.3.2.0

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2023-01-04 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 105.41 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

1. Support the Smart Detection features (only available on specific model).
2. Support to config the parameter of NVR channels.
3. Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

Please update the VIGI Security Manager to the latest version before using the new-released model.

VIGI Security Manager_V1.2.2

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2022-11-08 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 104.93 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

1. Support to export/import device configuration file to batch config devices.
2. Fixes some bugs and improves the stability.

VIGI Security Manager_V1.1.5

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2022-01-06 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 104.24 MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

Fixed some bugs and improved the stability.

VIGI Security Manager V1.0.13

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2021-04-09 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 101.71MB
ระบบปฎิบัติการ: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

New Feature/Enhancement:
1. Supported multiple languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese.
2. Enhanced the stability of the system.

For VIGI NVR1008H(UN), NVR1008(UN), VIGI C300HP-4(UN), VIGI C300HP-6(UN), VIGI C400HP-2.8(UN), VIGI C400HP-4(UN), VIGI C300P-4(UN), VIGI C300P-6(UN), VIGI C400P-2.8(UN), VIGI C400P-4(UN).


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  • Introduction to Install VIGI Products and Overview of Three Management Methods

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A firmware update can resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have and improve its current performance.

To Upgrade

IMPORTANT: To prevent upgrade failures, please read the following before proceeding with the upgrade process

  • Please upgrade firmware from the local TP-Link official website of the purchase location for your TP-Link device, otherwise it will be against the warranty. Please click here to change site if necessary.
  • Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. Wrong firmware upgrade may damage your device and void the warranty. (Normally Vx.0=Vx.6/Vx.8 (eg:V1.0=V1.6/V1.8);   Vx.x0=Vx.x6/Vx.x8 (eg:V1.20=V1.26/V1.28)
    จะค้นหาเวอร์ชั่นฮาร์ดแวร์บนอุปกรณ์ TP-Link ได้อย่างไร
  • Do NOT turn off the power during the upgrade process, as it may cause permanent damage to the product.
  • To avoid wireless disconnect issue during firmware upgrade process, it's recommended to upload firmware with wired connection unless there is no LAN/Ethernet port on your TP-Link device.
  • It's recommended that users stop all Internet applications on the computer, or simply disconnect Internet line from the device before the upgrade.
  • Use decompression software such as WinZIP or WinRAR to extract the file you download before the upgrade.

VIGI NVR1008H(UN)_V2_1.0.3 Build 220823

วันที่เผยแพร่: 2022-09-05 ภาษา: หลายภาษา ขนาดไฟล์: 16.40 MB

New Features/Enhancements:
Improve system stability.

For VIGI NVR1008H UN V2.

To Use Third Party Firmware In TP-Link Products

Some official firmware of TP-Link products can be replaced by the third party firmware such as DD-WRT. TP-Link is not obligated to provide any maintenance or support for it, and does not guarantee the performance and stability of third party firmware. Damage to the product as a result of using third party firmware will void the product's warranty.

Open Source Code For Programmers (GPL)

Please note: The products of TP-Link partly contain software code developed by third parties, including software code subject to the GNU General Public Licence (“GPL“), Version 1/Version 2/Version 3 or GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL"). You may use the respective software condition to following the GPL licence terms.

You can review, print and download the respective GPL licence terms here. You receive the GPL source codes of the respective software used in TP-Link products for direct download and further information, including a list of TP-Link software that contain GPL software code under GPL Code Center.

The respective programs are distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the respective GNU General Public License for more details.



TP-Link VIGI allows you to easily add, configure, monitor, and control your VIGI devices.




1.  The emulator is a virtual web GUI where you can experience the TP-Link product management panel.

2. The listed emulators might not have the latest firmware.

3.  The features displayed are for reference, and their availability may depend on local regulations. For more information, please refer to the datasheet or product page.

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