Germany's PC Magazine approves the TL-WPA8630P KIT: "Very Good"
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Score from PC Magazin :
  The TL-PA8030P Kit has received a rating of "Very Good" from PC Magazin. With its fast transfer rates and three Gigabit LAN ports, the TL-PA8030P Kit earned the maximum 5-stars score.  
Editor's quote
"After completing a tpPLC firmware update on the PLC adapter, the kit performed with very good transfer rates on a domestic power supply."
"With its Powerline WiFi Extender Kit, TP-Link offers functionality and a powerful solution to easily connect remote wired and wireless clients to the home network."
  PC Magazin measured the TL-WPA8630P with a net transfer rate of 380 Mbps under ideal conditions. When challenged in unfavorable transfer conditions, it achieved an impressive 130Mbps. An efficient product, the extender operates at just 5 watts of power, the adapter at 2.4 watts.  
About PC Magazin:
A publication of the WEKA Publishing House. Highest-level technology, hardware expertise and up-to-date reports characterize one of the most successful IT magazines in Germany.
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