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Deco Mesh WiFi

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Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

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Deco: Fast and Stable Mesh WiFi Everywhere

Deco mesh WiFi system provides fast and stable WiFi to every corner of your house. It comes with multiple WiFi points that you spread throughout your entire house. These WiFi points form a mesh WiFi network for a stronger coverage. They are interconnected wirelessly and works intelligently to ensure that you are always connected to the fastest Wi-Fi point. 

How Deco mesh WiFI works?

Simply connect the Deco mesh WiFi to the modem from your service provider and enjoy stronger WiFi signal. The Deco mesh WiFi system is so simple to configure with the Deco app and works with all ISPs in Singapore. Curious how that works? Take a look at this video.


Deco mesh WiFi also comes with an advanced parental control and comprehensive network security. The system will protect all devices connected to the mesh WiFi network against cyber crime. You can even determine when your children can go online and which website they can and cannot visit.


Seamless Mesh WiFi Roaming

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi blanket your entire house with just a one WiFi name and password throughout the entire coverage. As you move around your house, your devices will automatcially switch to the fastest network seamlessly. It minimizes interuption by providing a smooth and seamless mesh WiFi network enabled by TP-Link Deco mesh technology.


Awards & Reviews

Many customers are satisfied with Deco. The average rating is no less than 9.5. * The Media has also tested Deco a lot. Here you will find a number of excerpts from those articles
and the awards won.
* Average of all Deco 3-packs on and Coolblue,
until September 2019.

“Is your home in a busy environment with many other signals? Or is it difficult to spread the wifi signal from the corner of your house with a normal router? Then the Deco M9 Plus can offer a solution. The ease of use will also be a relief for many people compared to a normal router. "

We already awarded the Deco M5 with a Great Value Award at the beginning of 2018 and even now we cannot fail to be impressed by the price-performance ratio of this system.
“The TP-Link M9 plus is the absolute test winner of this mesh comparison. This system therefore receives our Excellent Choice award. "

The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus does on average the best.

"Nevertheless, just like last year, the TP-Link Deco M5 deserves the mark Editorial-tip, with the best price and on average the best performance in that class."

Best Sellers

  Wifi type Coverage Speed Security  

Deco X20
Dual-Band Mesh WiFi  
From SGD339
Buy now

Deco X60
AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi Up to 7,000 sqft
From SGD539
Buy now

Deco M9 Plus
AC2200 Tri-Band Smart Home Mesh WiFi Up to 6,500 sqft
From SGD309
Buy now

Deco P9
AC1200 + Powerline AV1000 Dual-band Mesh + Powerline Up to 6,000 sqft
AC1200 + Powerline AV1000

From SGD309
Buy now

Deco M5
AC1300 Dual band Mesh WiFi Up to 5,500 sqft
From SGD89
Buy now

Deco M4
AC1200 Dual band Mesh WiFi Up to 3,800 sqft

From SGD119
Buy now

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