Tapo H900

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Tapo Home Base

  • Smart Control Center – With one-click operation, smart devices can automatically work together. Link your smart devices to build smart scenes. HomeBase supports the design of various personalized scenes such as going home, leaving, reading, and watching movies.
  • Video Surveillance Center – Allows users to surveil their homes remotely to know the situation at home in real time through video calls to ensure family safety.
  • Video Storage Center – Supports various recording functions such as timed, manual, and detection-based recordings, which are convenient for users to choose from
  • Powerful AI Chips Equipped – Helps recognize and track captured subjects such as people, faces, pets, vehicles, and packages to push more accurate notifications.
  • Home Connection Center – Supports Wi-Fi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread, and other protocols to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of smart devices.

Centralize Your Smart Security Devices

Tapo Home Base


  • 10G

    Smart Control Center

  • Auto

    Smart Entertainment Center

  • Smart Surveillance Center



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