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Discover the Perfect Tapo Smart Doorbell for Your Home: A Guide to Making an Informed Choice

By sophia.xie

Multiple Models for Tailored Needs

Tapo D210 – 2K 3MP Battery Doorbell:

With a built-in 6400mAh battery, the Tapo D210 is a marvel of efficiency. Its 2K 3MP resolution camera with infrared night vision up to 33ft ensures that your home’s front is monitored in crisp detail, day and night. The 160° diagonal field of view offers a comprehensive look at your doorstep, while the device’s support for local SD card storage means you can keep an eye on everything without the need for a hub.


Tapo D230S1 – 2K 5MP Battery Doorbell (Hub Required):

Step up to the Tapo D230S1, and you’ll find enhanced features like a removable and rechargeable 6700mAh battery, providing an easy maintenance experience. Its 2K 5MP resolution and full-color night vision with spotlight take clarity to the next level. With the inclusion of a hub that doubles as a chime, this model not only captures the scenes but also alerts you with customizable tones.


Tapo D235 – 2K 5MP Battery Doorbell:

Tapo D235, brings you the ultimate doorbell experience. Its versatility shines with a built-in 10000mAh battery and the option for 8-24V hardwiring. Boasting a 2K 5MP resolution and an expansive 180° field of view, this model ensures no detail goes unnoticed. It provides a full-color night vision spotlight and doesn't require a hub, though it includes a chime for your convenience.


Intelligent Detection Systems

The Tapo series is smart about security. While the D210 model provides essential motion detection, the D230 introduces beta versions of person and package detection, giving you a heads-up on what's happening at your door. The D235 model goes further, with pet and vehicle detection added to the mix, offering you a comprehensive security system that informs you of all the activity in your doorstep environment.


Smart Home Integration

Each model is equipped with smart home capabilities, allowing for integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether it’s using voice commands to interact with your doorbell or integrating it into your broader smart home ecosystem, Tapo makes it seamless.


Conclusion: A Smart Choice for Every Home

Tapo’s range of Smart Doorbells are more than just doorbells—they are gateways to a secure, connected, and convenient lifestyle. Established in 2019, Tapo has consistently provided homeowners with smart solutions that do not compromise on quality or affordability. From the essential features of the D210 to the premium capabilities of the D235, there’s a Tapo Smart Doorbell to fit every home and budget. Take control of your home security with Tapo and join the ranks of those enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a smart and secure doorway.




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