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How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for HDB in Singapore

By Ben Lai

Living in Singapore’s iconic HDB flats comes with its own set of unique lifestyles. Among them is the need for compact, efficient, and effective cleaning solutions. Enter the world of robot vacuums: a perfect companion for urban homes.

Yet, amidst the abundance of choices, the TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus shines distinctly brighter. Here’s why.


1. Compact Powerhouse with 4200Pa Suction

Central to any vacuum's effectiveness is its suction capability. The Tapo RV30 Plus impresses with a robust 4200Pa suction power, designed to capture every speck of dust. Whether it’s the common corridor debris or the daily indoor dust, this vacuum ensures a spotless HDB home.


2. LiDAR Navigation: Designed for HDB Layouts

HDB flats, with their specific layouts and room structures, require a vacuum that can navigate seamlessly. With the LiDAR powered navigation and mapping of the RV30 Plus, it masterfully manoeuvres around furniture and corners, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


3. Extended Cleaning with Minimal Maintenance

Singaporeans lead busy lives, and frequent maintenance can be a hassle. The RV30 Plus comes equipped with a 70 days capacity auto empty bin, meaning you get over two months of cleaning without the constant need to empty the bin – a boon for HDB residents.


4. Mopping and Filtration: Tailored for Singapore’s Climate

Beyond vacuuming, the RV30 Plus has a mopping function with HEPA filtration. It doesn't just remove dirt; it ensures the air remains pure. Given Singapore’s humidity and occasional haze, this feature is invaluable to ensure sanitary and contaminants free cleaning.


5. Long Battery Life: Perfect for Extended Units

From smaller HDB units to the more expansive ones, the RV30 Plus is equipped with a high capacity battery that offers up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning. One charge, and it’s good to go, regardless of your flat size.


6. Localized Post-purchase Support

With TP-Link’s established local presence in Singapore, one can rest assured knowing they have access to dedicated local support and after-sales service. All Tapo robot vacuums come with an 18 months warranty with a local service center in Singapore.



In the competitive landscape of robot vacuums suited for HDB living in Singapore, the TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus emerges as one of the top contenders. With features like LiDAR navigation, extended battery life, and the 70-day auto-empty bin, it's not just a cleaning solution; it’s the perfect choice for every HDB home.

Ben Lai

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