10400mAh Power Bank

  • High capacity of 10400mAh
  • Dual USB ports let you quickly charge two devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with 5V input USB-charged devices
  • Multiple safety protections
  • Practical flashlight
  • TL-PB10400

Everyone's Favourite Power Gadget

TL-PB10400Ally series
10400mAh Power Bank

  •  Superior
    LG Battery
  •  TP-LINK
    Smart Charging
  •  2.4A Ultra Fast
    Charging Speed
  •  LED Flashlight
  •  Completed Safety
Superior LG Battery,
One of The Best Battery Brands In The World

TP-LINK Ally series power banks utilize superior LG battery cells, one of the best batteries you can buy from the market. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and the available capacity is to diminish in the cold weather. Benefiting from advanced battery technology of superior LG battery cells, Ally series power banks reduce the self-aging helping to maximize the lifespan of power bank, and retain more available capacity in cold season.

  •  Longer Lifespan
  •  More Available Capacity
    in Low Temperature
  •  Safer
Genuine 10400mAh Capacity

This genuine 10400mAh high capacity working together with high energy efficiency of world class cirtuitry, minimizes the charging and standby loses, conserving more power to charge more times for all your devices.

  • 5.2charges

    for iPhone 6s
  • 2.9charges

    for Galaxy S7
  • 1.7charges

    for iPad mini 4
Advanced Charging Technology,
The Optimal Portable Charger for All Your Devices

Powered by TP-LINK Smart Charging technology, both Smart output ports can
intelligently identify any of devices you connect to it, from iPhone, iPad,
Samsung, Nexus, Kindle to Apple Watch, Fitbit or any other wearable
devices, and then deliver the optimal charging current, being the
perfect charger for all your devices.

And Also The Fast Charger!

This powerful charger supports up to 5V/2.4A total 15W ultra fast charging output and charges all your devices at full speed while lots of your orgingal charges fail to do so because of the limited power watt.

TL-PB10400 can charge 65% faster, saving up to 40% charging time. Fully charging iPhone 6s Plus takes 150mins with TL-PB10400 while 250mins with an orginal Apple charger.*

*Screen on in maximum brightness. Exact charging time may vary subject to actual situation

  • After 6 hours recharging:

  • PB10400 recharges to
  •  95%
  • Standard power bank recharges to
  •  61%
  • *5V/1A Input power bank is used as the testing device

Recharge to Full Capacity Before Wake Up

Also supporting 5V/2A fast recharging input, TL-PB10400 takes only 6.3 hours
to recover from empty to full capacity, instead of 9.8 hours that other 10000mAh
models need. One night from 0 to 100%, your TL-PB10400 is ready to go with you
in each morning.

LED Flashlight

Built-in flashlight comes in handy for in-house and off–road activities.

A Reliable Backup Power
  •  Short circuit
  •  Over-voltage
  •  Over-current
  •  Over-charge
  •  Over-discharge
  •  Over-heating
Increased Compatibility

Compatible with smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows and most other USB-charged devices, from devices with large battery like tablets, to gadgets with tiny battery like smart wearable devices.

Otros LED flashlight
Capacidad 10400mAh
Entrada Hasta 5V/2A
Salida DC 5V/2A y 5V/1A
Interfaz 1 puerto micro USB y 2 puertos USB 2.0
Botón 1 botón para mostrar la capacidad de la batería o para encender/apagar la linterna
Luces 4 luces LED indican la capacidad restante de la batería
Otras Funciones Linterna
Compatibilidad Dispositivos de entrada USB a 5V como iPhones, iPads y teléfonos inteligentes Android
Medida 3.5 × 1.7 × 1.7 pulgadas (88.8 × 44.3 × 44.3mm)
Peso 241g
Contenido de Paquete TL-PB10400 Banco de alimentación, cable micro USB y manual
  • Recommendation
    TL-PB10400 was recommended with 5/5 stars from Alt om DATA
    2015, Denmark
    TL-PB10400 has received RECOMMENDATION award from website.
    2015, Poland
    TL-PB10400 has received RECOMMENDATION award from Aberto até de Madrugada website.
    2015, Portugal
  • TL-PB10400 has received “Editor’s Choice” from HI-TECH in Ukraine.
    2015, Ukraine

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