TPNT – TP-Link Network Training in Crete


    TP-Link Hellas Ltd. has the honor to invite you, at the Certified Technical Hands-On Interactive Workshop, named TPNT (TP-Link Network Technician), in Crete Greece.  


    The scope:

    The increasement of technical awareness regarding at least basic Pro-Networking Solutions of TP-Link.


    The purpose:

    This will be a technical, hands-on, interactive workshop, which will provide the opportunity to the attendees to:

    1. Learn how to perform a proper project’s investigation, how to search into TP-Link’s business portfolio and how to perform proper Pre-Sales (Indicative Case Study Implementation)
    2. Learn how to configure at least the basic features and functionalities of Managed Switching and Load Balance Router equipment (Network Deployment)
    3. Learn how to configure and maintain business Wi-Fi settings and how to combine them with the rest networking infrastructure (Omada Ecosystem)


    Location: Aquila Atlantis Hotel, in the heart of Heraklio Town in Crete.

    1st available time/date: 09:00-19:00, on Tuesday, November 26,2019

    2nd available time/date: 09:00-19:00, on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    3rd available time/date: 09:00-19:00, on Thursday, November 28, 2019


    This Hands-On Workshop is addressed to:

    ICT or just Networking Pre-Salers, ICT or just Networking Product Managers, ICT Electronics or/and Electrical Engineers/Technicians/Installers/Integrators, Technical Support Engineers/Technicians,

    ICT and/or Electromechanical Designers and Consultancies, Supervisors and/or Technicians dealing with building installations, Technical Education Tutors and/or Students, Automation, Networking and Computer Engineers/Technicians.

    Conditions for participation:

    Basic knowledge of Greek and English, usage of PC/Windows.

    Owner of a Laptop with OS (Windows32bit/64bit - 7/8/10/Server) with Wi-Fi and ethernet RJ45 port.

    Basic knowledge of TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi


    Registration process:

    Whoever wants to attend, must communicate in a written format, using the English language, the following information,

    to the email: using as the email subject the ‘’TPNT Crete Participation Request’’.


    [Mandatory] First Name:

    [Mandatory] Last Name:

    [Mandatory] Job Title:

    [Mandatory] Company:

    [Mandatory] Mobile phone number:

    [Mandatory] Email: … 

    [Mandatory] Desirable time/date:

    [Optional] Experience:One or two indicative sentences regarding the participance’s main business


    Critical Notes:

    1. The number of workshop’s attendees will be approximately 9 to 12, each time, in order to provide every trainee, a real hand-on experience. 
    2. All requests must be sent, not later than Monday, November 11,2019.
    3. TP-Link Hellas will communicate for confirmation, towards each attendee.
    4. TP-Link Hellas reserves the right, not to accept a suggested attendee, to any already scheduled or to any workshop.
    5. TP-Link Hellas reserves the right, to suggest an alternative time/date to the attendee.
    6. The workshop’s video recording is NOT permitted. 
    7. Indicative photos can be taken.
    8. The publication of workshop’s photos – by the attendees - must have the TP-Link Hellas’ prior approval.
    9. By sending the attendee’s proposal to TP-Link Hellas, you are accepting also to receive at the mentioned email address, periodic e-information about TP-Link.


    Participant’s Equipment Requirement

    Laptop with OS (Windows32bit/64bit - 7/8/10) with Wi-Fi and ethernet RJ45 port. 


    Cost of participation:

    Free of Charge


    The Trainers will be:

    1. Mr. Stamatis ILIOU
    2. Mr. Kostas VALOURDOS

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