Comment trouver le mot de passe sans fil de pré-cryptage pour TL-MR3020 sans clé de mot de passe?

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After TL-MR3020 is upgraded to new firmware 120817 from older version, the wireless network would be secured by the default pre-encryption password. Below are the steps about how to find and change the default password.


Step 1

Connect your computer to TL-MR3020’s Ethernet Port with an Ethernet cable.  Then open your web browser and type in A window will pop up and ask for username and password. By default, they are both admin.


Step 2

After Login, you will see TP-Link Management Page. Please go to Wireless->Wireless Security. On this page, the pre-encryption will be found. See below:


Step 3

Change this wireless password to your favorite one then Click Save.  Reboot is needed to take effect.


Note:  if you reset the device to factory default, you will have to do all the above steps again to change the wireless password to your own one.

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