What can I do if my powerline rate is very low?

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Power line products in general, transmit data through the power line of your house. The power line rate is mainly decided by the quality of the power line environment it’s operating in. When your power line rate is low, you may try the steps below to improve the quality of service.


Step 1:

Are your powerline adapters plugged into a power strip or surge protector? If yes, unplug them and reconnect the adapters to wall outlets


Step 2:

Please check whether any devices use electricity to power a motor around the powerline adapters. Devices such can be, air-conditioners, washing machines, fans, kitchen appliances, etc. If possible move these devices or move the powerline adapter.  If not possible these devices can be plugged into a surge protector to avoid interfering with the Powerline Adapters.


Step 3:

AC power adapters that are used for mobile phones, laptops, etc. can cause noise on the power line. If the line has noise, that can affect the performance of the powerline adapters.  Please move the AC power adapters away from the powerline adapters.


Step 4:

The maximum distance range is 300 meters.  However, with noise, interference, and line quality the range the powerline adapter can reach may be reduced.  Try moving the remote unit closer to the base unit and test for improvement in transmission rates.


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