What can I do if I can't detect any wireless signal?

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When you cannot find the wireless signal with TP-Link wireless adapters through windows built-in utility, but your other wireless pc can find the signal, there are two reasons may cause the situation.
1 Please check whether you have installed TP-Link Wireless Client Utility. Click Start and go to All Programs, you can see a folder named TP-Link. You can configure the wireless adapter with TP-Link Wireless Configuration Utility.
If you don't know how to configure the software, please refer to the FAQ below:
2 The Firewall or Anti-virus software stop the adapter from detecting the wireless. Please check whether you have installed Zone Alarm or Kaspersky. If yes, please do these things.
  • Please uninstall the Zone Alarm or Kaspersky and restart the computer.
  • Then reinstall the driver of wireless adapter.
  • After installing the driver, install Zone Alarm or Kaspersky and restart the computer again.
For Kaspersky user, you can also refer to the FAQ below:

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