What does Wi-Fi Move feature mean and how to use it on Powerline ac Extender? (new logo)?

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Wi-Fi Move is enabled by default. With the feature enabled, any changes made to the settings of one powerline extender will be automatically synchronized to other powerline extenders whose Wi-Fi Move feature is also enabled on the same powerline network.

Settings will be synced include: Wireless SSID & Password, Wireless Security, Wireless Mode, Wi-Fi Schedules, LED Schedules, Wi-Fi Clone Settings, MAC Filter Settings, Parental Controls, and Guest Network.

How to use it?

Here takes TL-WPA9610 as demonstration:

Follow the steps below to enable the Wi-Fi Move feature:

1. To log into the web-based management interface, please refer to How to log into the web-based management interface of Powerline ac Extender (new logo)?

2. Go to Wireless > Wi-Fi Move.

3. Toggle On to enable the feature.


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