Plays Well with Others

The Kasa app works with Android and iOS devices so you can control your home right from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use Kasa to pair TP-Link smart home products with any Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and The Google Assistant for voice control, giving you the ability to control your home with voice commands.

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Bring it Together

You can run your entire TP-Link smart home ecosystem from Kasa. Customize your lighting, turn connected devices on and off, track energy use, set scenes by grouping different smart home products together, and even create schedules for your smart home, all from the Kasa app.

Away Mode

Away Mode helps smart plugs improve your home security when you’re not there. Away Mode can turn connected lights on and off at random intervals‚ giving the appearance that you’re home.

Setup in No Time

Setting up Kasa is easy. Just open the app, create your free account‚ and add smart home products as you install them. You can give each product a unique name to make it easier for you (and Alexa) to tell them apart. Once your smart home products are added‚ you can control them individually or in groups through Kasa‚ and enabling voice control with Amazon Alexa takes just a few extra taps.

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