The New Era Network: WiFi 6E Mesh

Stay Connected During a Pandemic with WiFi 6E Mesh

When Safer-at-Home policies were introduced globally due to COVID-19, the demand for stable home networking was challenged like never before. Online learning and working from home put huge pressure on the total WiFi environment.

Deco Mesh uses WiFi nodes that work together to cast strong, reliable WiFi throughout your whole home. Now powered by the latest WiFi 6E technology, our premium Mesh WiFi delivers a huge boost in coverage, speed, and total capacity. With advanced Mesh WiFi, you’ll enjoy the future of networking with faster loads and more connections.

  • Broader Coverage

  • More Connections

  • No More Buffering

  • Faster Speeds

Covers Every Corner of Your Home

WiFi 6E provides an extra 6 GHz band working as a clearer and stronger backhaul that removes congestion and loads more, between mesh units. Combined with TP-Link Mesh technology, the WiFi 6E Mesh units work together to deliver uninterrupted WiFi throughout your whole home. No need to worry about WiFi dead zones when you’re in a quiet remote corner busy with your virtual meeting.

  • Adaptive Path Selection

    TP-Link Mesh technology dynamically chooses the best route and band for your connections and applications, guaranteeing fast WiFi no matter where you are at home.

  • Self-Healing

    If one Deco has an issue, the system will automatically reroute data via the other Deco units to make sure you stay online.

  • Normal Mesh

  • WiFi 6E Mesh

Connect up to 200 Devices

In response to the ever-growing demands of home networks, WiFi 6E future-proofs your WiFi by providing a clearer 6 GHz spectrum that offers up to 1,200 MHz of the contiguous spectrum, doubling the number of pathways available for sending and receiving data. With 4x greater capacity generated from WiFi 6E, no pressure to handle dozens of devices streaming or gaming at the same time.

  • Normal Mesh

  • WiFi 6E Mesh

No More Buffering During Virtual Meetings

Bothered by inefficient online meetings caused by constant drops or buffering? WiFi 6E Mesh takes a giant leap forward in wireless connectivity, featuring multiple 160 MHz channels on the wide-open 6 GHz band. Enjoy seamless video conferencing even when multiple devices are connected and transmitting data at the same time.

  • Normal Mesh

  • WiFi 6E Mesh

Speeds Beyond Gigabit = More Fun

The latest WiFi 6E with a more contiguous spectrum and wider channels combined boosts speeds for devices to gigabit+ levels. Dramatically improved speeds enable streaming, fast downloading, gaming, or even 8K videos, all at the same time. Enjoy with your family even in a pandemic.

  • Normal Mesh

  • WiFi 6E Mesh

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