Tapo Consumer Survey-VI

Hi, everyone! Welcome to engage with Tapo's online survey. We're proud to work with you to make Tapo better. This survey will take about 2-3 minutes to complete. We'd appreciate your genuine responses.

1. What first comes to your mind when referring to Tapo? (Multiple)*

2. Which image matches most with Tapo in your perception? (Single)*

3. Which factors lead you to the current brand impression? (Multiple)*

4. Where do you usually obtain info or knowledge about smart home products? (Multiple)*

5. Where did you first learn about Tapo? (Single)*

6. Why did you decide to buy Tapo’s Smart Home products? (Multiple)*

7. What types of content would you like to get from Tapo in the future? (Multiple)*

8. How willing would you be to buy more products from Tapo? (Single, larger number indicates stronger willingness)*

9. What is your gender? (Single)*

10. What is your age? (Single)*

11. How is your education situation? (Single)*

12. Which one is your current family type? (Single)*

13. Have you bought Tapo’s products already? (Single)*

14. Do you excel at technology related to Smart Home? (Single)*


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