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Q1: How to create a KidShield profile

A: To use the KidShield feature, a Deco/Tether App and KidShield App are required to be installed on parents and kids smartphone seperately. For the configuration of KidShield, please refer to this FAQ.

Q2: What is the difference between Kidshield and Parental Control (HomeShield)?

A: For the normal HomShield Parental Control, it only works when the clients are connected to home Wi-Fi. Besides, Parental Control may not take effect if the clients enable Randomize MAC address. However, KidShield Parental Control always maintains its safeguards even in these cases.

Q3: Is KidShield free for user?

A: Currently, KidShield is in the beta test phase which is free.

However, after KidShield is launched officially, you need to subscribe to Total Parental Controls Package to use it. More information about HomeShield subscription, please refer to:

Q4: What TP-Link products support KidShield?

A: Theoretically, all the models that support HomeShield will add the KidShield feature. Deco will support KidShield at first. Please note that it is only available for a limited number of users when in Bete Test Phase.

Q5: What features does KidShield support?

A: The following table lists the functions of KidShield:


Device Management

Lock Device

Adjust Allowed Time

Get Location

Content Filter

Blocked Websites

Blocked Apps

App Time Limits

Always Allowed Apps


Time Limits


*Payment Management

System Management

App Installment

App Removal

Device Settings

For the detailed feature introduction to KidShield, please refer to this FAQ.

Q6: Why KidShield App requires to enable a lot of device system permissions?

A: To properly monitor and manage your kid device’s online behavior, it is necessary to enable those system permissions on the device, or the KidShield can’t take effect.

Q7: How to enable Mobile accessibility permission for KidShield App?

A: The methods for turning on different devices may vary. You may click the "learn more" button in the system prompt, or long-press the accessibility option to enable the permission.

Q8: How to prevent kid from uninstalling the KidShield App?

A: Please enable “Device Settings” in the System management page to prevent your child from deleting KidShield App and other Apps.

Q9: How to prevent kid from downloading new Apps?

A: Please enable “App Installment” in the System Management page to prevent your child from installing new apps.

Q10: How to uninstall the KidShield APP and stop managing my child’s phone

1) Please first enter the KidShield profile on Deco APP, go to System Management, disable Device Settings and APP Removeal

2) Uninstall KidShield App on your child’s phone.

3) After the KidShield App is successfully removed, delete the KidShield profile on Deco APP.

Q11: How many KidShield profiles can I create

A: You can create 16 KidShield profiles with a TP-Link ID. Please note that one device corresponds to one KidShield profile.

Q12: How does the KidShield App monitor and manage the Kid’s devices?

A: When you create a KidShield profile for a child device, KidShield will build a VPN tunnel and uses VPN to monitor and manage the device online traffic according to the profile configuration. At the same time, a VPN tunnel icon will display on Kids' device.

Q13: What apps will be displayed in the app block/APP limit list?

A: The app catalogue in APP block/APP limit is based on the installed apps on the child device.

Q14: Which setting would take effect if adding the same app to APP block and always allowed app?

A: The settings of Always Allowed App have the higher priority. In other words, if you add app categories or specific apps to Always Allowed App profile, they can be accessed at all times even if they were previously added to Blocked Apps or App Time Limits.

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