How to manage a KidShield profile on a TP-Link Archer Router/Deco

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Before you start, you may refer to here to create a KidShield profile on your child’s device. Then follow the steps below to manage the device from the parent’s device.


  1. KidShield beta is currently only available for Android devices.
  2. The KidShield function is currently in beta testing and is only open to some users. It’s free for a limited time during the beta test. Users will need to pay after its official release.
  3. The KidShield app (iOS) and PC software are under internal beta testing and will be open for testing soon. After the function is officially released, it will support advanced parental control functions on iOS/Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

1. Open Deco app. Go to Parental Controls and tap KidShield.

2. Select a profile and tap Manage to configure the following profile settings:

  • Lock Device: Prevent your child from using third-party apps when blocked.

  • Adjust Allowed Time: Increase/decrease your child’s the online time for the day or set unlimited/no online time for the day.

  • Get Location: Get your child’s current location.

3. Select a profile and tap to manage the online time and content settings for the KidShield profile.

  • Content Filter: Prevent the profile from accessing malicious and explicit content. You can add some exceptions to allow the profile to access specific websites.

  • Blocked Websites: Add websites that cannot be accessed.

  • Blocked Apps: Tap to block an app category to prevent the profile from accessing all the apps in it. Select specific apps within a category to block access to individual apps. You can also search the apps you want to block in the Search bar.


  1. If you block an app category, new applications in that category after a firmware upgrade will also be blocked.
  2. Only apps displayed in the list can be blocked. Apps not on the list will be allowed to access.
  3. If you block apps that have been previously added to App Time Limits, the rules you set in App Time Limits will be ignored and these apps will be blocked.
  4. If no results are found in the search, please send feedback to us.

  • App Time Limits: Select app categories or specific apps and set time limits for them.


  1. If you set time limits for apps that have been previously added to Blocked Apps, these apps will be unblocked and follow the rules you set in App Time Limits.
  2. Time limits here refer to the time the device uses internet traffic. Activities that don’t use traffic, such as single-player gaming and video buffering, are not included.

  • Always Allowed Apps: Select app categories or specific apps that the profile can access at all times, regardless of whether they were previously added to Blocked Apps or App Time Limits.

  • Bedtime: Set a time during all the apps will be blocked for the profile.

  • Time Limits: Set the amount of time your child can spend online each day

  • Offtime: Schedule times when your children cannot use the device.

  • System Management: Restrict your children from installing and uninstalling apps or modifying system time from their devices.

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