Smart Temperature & Humidity Monitor

  • Real-Time & Accurate Monitoring - Detects real-time temperature and humidity with great accuracy. (Measurement Accuracy: ±0.54 ºF, ±3% RH).
  • 2.7" E-ink Display - Indicates temperature & humidity, comfort level with facial expressions, battery condition, and signal.
  • Home Automation - Automatically turn on/off home electronics (e.g. heater, fan, humidifier and more) to maximize conform and save energy.
  • Instant App Notification - Receive app alert notification when conditions fall outside preset range.
  • Free Data Storage & Visual Graphs - Record temperature and humidity data and generate periodic data summary.
  • Flexible Installation- Just place it on the desk or mount it on the wall.
  • Hub Required - The Tapo Hub is requried to support smart features, like remote monitoring, home automation, data export and more.

Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitor

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Tapo T315
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Works with Tapo Devices

For Home Automation


2.7″ E-ink Display

High-Accuracy Sensor

Up to 2 Years

Battery Life

Instant App Notifications*

Free Storage & Export

2 Years Worth of Data

*Tapo Hub is required to work with third-party platforms. Actual user experience with third-party platforms will vary by time, platform, etc.

2.7″ E-ink Display, reads like real paper.

Look at this.


    Reflective Display

    Easy on the eyes.
    Low-power consumption.


    Clear & Sharp

    Large bold numbers is readable even from meters away.


    Wide View Angle

    Easy to read from almost any angle.



    No screen glare, even in bright sunlight.


High-Accuracy Sensor

The built-in Swiss-made sensor features a typical accuracy of ±3%RH, ±0.3°C / 0.54°F. By obtaining and updating data every 2 seconds, the sensor gives you accurate current information.


±0.3°C / ± 0.54ºF

Humidity Range: 0%~99%RH

Temperature Range: -20~60ºC / -4~140ºF

* The E-ink screen only displays temperature from 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F). If the readings go beyond the display range, you can check the temperature on the Tapo app.

Instant App Alerts

Receive instant app notifications when temperature or humidity levels fall outside your customized ranges. React promptly to sudden air condition changes whenever the need arises.


Too Warm!


“Wine Cellar”: The temperature is higher than your preferred range at 11:30.

Warmer Winters, Cooler Summers

Tapo T315 automatically turns on/off home appliances connected to Tapo smart plugs, such as heaters and fans, to adjust comfort levels while saving on energy bills.

Smart Plug Tapo Hub Temp & Humidity Monitor

Below 16℃

Heater On

Above 21℃

Heater Off

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Dry Air Relief

When Tapo T315 detects humidity levels dipping below your preset range, the robot vacuum springs into action to mop. This ensures that your living space offers optimum comfort, maintaining the right amount of moisture in the air.

Robot Vacuum Tapo Hub Temp & Humidity Monitor

Below 40%

Vacuum Mops

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2-Year Data Storage & Export for Free

Understand your home environment with up to 2 years of cloud data logging and storage. Export all the data to a CSV file sent to your email to review at anytime.


Up to 2-Year Battery Life

The Tapo Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitor uses two replaceable AAA baatteries to stay powered for up to 2 years.*

*Battery life of up to 2 years is based on TP-Link's laboratory results under normal conditions. Actual battery life may vary depending on operating conditions and environment.

Switch display unit and position with ease.

Display as You Like

Press the side button once to switch the temperature unit. Double press to switch the display position of temperature and humidity.

Comfort Level Indicator

Keep an eye on your home’s comfort levels at a glance. You can also customize your comfort zones in the Tapo app.

Try to Keep It Smiling.

Flexible Placement

Place your monitor anywhere in your home quick and easy. Sit it on a table or shelf, stick it to a wall with the included adhesive, or attach it to any metallic surface.

  • Cigar Humidor

    Cigar Humidor

  • Reptile Tank

    Reptile Tank

  • a green house

    Green House

  • a violin


  • a storeroom


  • a baby room

    Baby Room

  • 4 people is working in a office


  • a kitchen


All in One App

Experience your next-level smart home with the Tapo line all in a single app. Create a more secure, convenient, and comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.

*Compatible with iOS 10.0 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher

Operating Temperature -20~60ºC / -4~140ºF
(Temperature Display Range: 0~50ºC / 32~122ºF)
Operating Humidity 0%~99%RH
Dimensions( H X W X D ) 62 × 62 × 24.5 mm
Display 2.7" E-ink
Power Requirements 3.0V DC (2 × AAA/LR03)
Hub Required Yes
Package Contents Tapo T315 × 1
AAA/LR03 battery × 2
3M Adhesive × 1
Quick Start Guide × 1
Wireless 868 / 922 MHz
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C /±0.54°F
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH
Data Refresh Speed 2s

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