AI-Driven Mesh: Ideal WiFi Customized for You

    TP-Link introduces AI-Driven Mesh into Deco whole home mesh WiFi system. As a smart upgrade to TP-Link Mesh Technology, Deco with AI-Driven Mesh constantly optimizes your home WiFi according to your home WiFi conditions.


    What's AI-Driven Mesh?

    Traditional mesh provides an uninterrupted streaming experience as you move throughout your signal coverage area. However, your network conditions can still be undermined by many other factors in a real environment, such as your router’s placement, some thick walls, or even a microwave.

    Armed with AI-Driven Mesh Technology, Deco automatically learns the network environment, client quality, and user behaviors in your home. With sophisticated, multifactored algorithms, Deco customizes an ideal mesh WiFi solution unique to your home.


    Intelligently learns the network environment from experience

    Advanced Algorithms

    Analyze all the factors that influence your WiFi

    Uniquely Customized WiFi

    Provides the optimal WiFi solution ideal for your home


    AI-Roaming: Auto-Generate the Best WiFi Signal

    As a smart upgrade to common roaming, AI-Roaming keeps an eye on the signal strength for your devices. After self-learning the actual network conditions influencing your WiFi performance, AI-Roaming helps your devices seamlessly switch to another source if necessary to constantly create optimal connections.

    1. Connect to the Optimal Deco

    AI-Roaming guides your device connections to the optimal Deco according to the loading conditions of each node to efficiently utilize your network bandwidth.

    1. Perfectly Timed Roaming

    AI-Roaming learns and records the roaming habits of your devices from experience, and sends well-timed roaming invitations when the devices are most likely to accept them. This greatly improves overall roaming efficiency.


    A Customized Mesh Solution

    How a mesh network is internally bridged directly affects your WiFi performance. AI-Driven Mesh comprehensively weighs factors that influence your WiFi, all while establishing a mesh network. These factors include the number of your mesh nodes, their product types, and how they connect with each other. After analyzing all of these, AI-Driven Mesh custom creates the ideal mesh WiFi solution for you.





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