TP-Link’s All New TL-MR3020 Garners Great Reception in the U.S.

    With the TL-MR3020, a mobile 150Mbps wireless router with 3G and WAN support able to be powered via USB, going on sale in the U.S. on December and its WAN-only cousin, the TL-WR700N, with foldable plug for increased portability, much is being made of the portable 3G router’s arrival.

    Cited in two tier-one online magazines, Wired and Engadget, the journalists at Wired cited the TL-MR3020’s AirPort Express-like qualities, saying “It’s a lot like Apple’s Airport Express, only with [SIC] more useful”. With TP-Link brining a whole host of portable products to market in the coming months, we hope that this will not be the end of the fantastic coverage our products will garner. 

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