PG1200 KIT


G.hn1200 Powerline Kit

  • Advanced Protocol - Faster, Stable, Larger Capacity

  • Plug and Play for Whole Home Coverage - Up to 300m over existing electrical wiring

  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Ideal for 8K streaming, lag-free gaming

  • Power Saving Mode - Reduce energy consumption by up to 85%

  • [NOTE] powerline adapters are not compatible with HomePlug AV/AV2 powerline adapters

More Reliable
Next-Gen Powerline

G.hn1200 Powerline Kit

PG1200 KIT


Ethernet Port

Fast and Reliable
for Better Performance

Plug and Play


8K Streaming

85% Power Saving

Next Generation Standard


    Significant Speed for Better Performance


    Anti-Interference from Multi-Devices


    Reliable Long Range Transmission

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Electrical Wiring

* powerline adapters are not compatible with HomePlug AV/AV2 powerline adapters.

Plug and Play,
Pair for More Security!

  • 1. First, connect your PG1200 to the router

  • 2. Then, plug in another one within 300 meters

  • 3. Finally, press the “Pair” button on each adapter

For advanced settings, download tpPLC Utility on PCs to manage the powerline network.

* Powerline adapters need to be connected to the same electrical circuit.

Wiring up with Gigabit Speeds

Ideal for lag-free gaming and 8K HD Streaming. Just use and Ethernet cable to attach your devices to the Powerline adapter to get started!



Power Save by Up to 85%

PG1200 KIT is a new-generation of Powerline adapter. Its sophisticated Power-Saving mode automatically switches from its regular “Working” mode to “Power-Saving” mode reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.


88 mm

58 mm

31.5 mm

Pair Button

Convenient AC Plug

Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Plug Type EU
Standards and Protocols SISO
Interface 1+ 1 Gigabit Port
Button Pair/Reset Button
Power Consumption 3.26W Max
LED Indicator Powerline, Ethernet
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 3.46 × 2.28 × 1.24 in (88 × 58 × 31.5 mm)
Range Up to 300 meters/1000 feet over existing electrical wiring
Compatibility Compatible with all routers and Powerline adapters.
Not compatible with HomePlug AV/AV2 Powerline adapters.
Transmission Speeds Up to 607 Mbps
Certification CE, RoHS
Package Contents 2 x G.hn1200 Powerline Adapter PG1200
2 x Ethernet Cables
Quick Installation Guide
System Requirements Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS, Linux
Environment Operating Temperature: 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing

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